30 Days to a Better Life

30 day challenges are fantastic and effective way to improve your life. You can develop good lifetime habits and rituals in just 30 days. Here is 3 challenges for exercise, health and passive income.

Bodyweight training 30 days

Start doing bodyweight training every three days. Day 1 training, and then recover 2 days, and train again total 10 training in 30 days. Bodyweight trainings you can do at your home for free, so no need to go gym anymore. So no excuses! In just short 30 days you will get in way more better shape.

Step to step guide

Watch video

    Start with jumping jacks and do 60 of them

    switch instantly without break to spiderman push ups and do 10-30

    then straight walking lunges do 20

    no breaks to spiderman climbs 10-30

    wall squat up to 1 minutes

    Planking up to 1minutes

    5 Burpees

    And last running knees about 50

Now you can keep 1 minutes break and then you start again. Remember no breaks between series.

Try to do whole circuit 3 times if you can. I guarantee it’s damn effective workout in your HOME. I’m sure you will see amazing result if you keep doing this for just 30 days!
No wonder why creator of turbulence training is ripped..
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Eating healthy 30 days

30 days eating healthy. This is way harder than fitness but may give you better longterm results. You could try eating raw food, or just make healthy smoothie in morning for 30 days straight. Or maybe start small getting rid of processed junk foods for 30 days. Slowly start replacing everything with healthy options.

Step to step guide:

Smoothies for 30 days
First you should get blender if you don’t already have. Get it from your local store or check blenders from Amazon and get it from there straight to your home.

Test different recipes and you will see what suits best for you personally. Use raw honey or stevia to make smoothies sweet or alternative get some superfood mix with stevia like Ormus Supergreens or Emerald Nalance. I like to add some superfoods like Maca, Aswaganda and Spirulina to mix but that is just my personal reference.

smoothie recipe

Avocado smoothie
1 Avocado
1 banana
3 tbs. soaked Chia seeds
Honey or Stevia
Water (filtered if available)
1 tbs. Maca
1 tbs. Spirulina
1 tbs. Emerald Balance

Taste is amazing.
smoothie ingredients blendersmoothie ready

You can google different recipes and add any superfoods you like.


Passive income in 30 days

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And any passive income is always nice bonus. After all it’s work done once and passive income for lifetime. Let’s see if you can beat my first month.

Step to step guide:

First of all you need your own iHerb affiliate code, which you can get by ordering something from iherb.com.

Guide to order:

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After all it’s work done once and passive income for lifetime.