Are You Ignoring This Huge Health Risk?

Read this and you never need to worry about radiation exposure again.

One of the worst disaster in our life time happened at 11 March 2011 Fukushima “(INES 7) Major Accident” and it’s still going on. Guess what you live at radioactive world now, radioactive contaminated world. You live in “Mad Max world” this is it. There is radioactive iodine, chemicals, pathogens in the air now. Air pollution is huge cause of symptoms and diseases.

radiation information and detox foods

Absolute Fact! Air we breathe has never been this poisonous.

You’re intelligent enough to know that..

It doesn’t need to be that scary. It’s actually very simple, you need do certain things. You need to do intelligent choices. You need to become master of detox and adaptation.

The Intelligent Way To Do This

What I should do right now..?

Natural solution is to eat highly detoxifying and high antioxidant content foods.

And my suggestion is to follow top health experts recommendations:

Zeolite and bentonite clay
Kelp (contain high amounts of iodine)
Ashwaganda (Adaptogen)
Chlorella (detox food)
Reishi (Immune and health support)
Vitamin C high doses (antioxidant)
Coconut Oil (for optimal thyroid health)

When It Comes To You

Living in Japan or somewhere close? Better to be sure and safe than be anxious about it. Some experts says that nuclear fallout from Fukushima is world-wide and still going on. So everybody should consider getting at least some of these to their diet.

In my opinion it’s just plain stupid to not eat anything of these. Even if there wasn’t any risk around these would be good addition to your healthy diet. But again don’t take my words about it, make your own research.

Where to get these?

Coconut oil and ginseng you should find on natural health stores, just make sure its raw organic and high quality. Selenium you can get from Brazil nuts. For natural iodine eat kelp and other seaweeds.

Cheapest and best way is to order online

Maine Coast Sea Vegetables, Sea Seasonings, Organic Kelp Granules
Maine Coast Sea Vegetables, Kelp, Wild Atlantic Kombu
Starwest Botanicals, Kelp Powder, Organic

Eclectic Institute, Ashwagandha, Organic
Himalaya Herbal Healthcare, Ashwagandha

Source Naturals, Emerald Garden Organic Chlorella
Sun Chlorella, Sun Chlorella A, 500 mg, 600 Tablets

Zeolite and bentonite clay
HealthForce Nutritionals, ZeoForce
HealthForce Nutritionals, ZeoForce, Detoxify Daily
Frontier Natural Products, Bentonite Clay Powder

Paradise Herbs, Shilajit
Dragon Herbs, High Mountain Shilajit

Mushroom Science, Reishi, Super Strength, 400 mg Highest quality reishi product on the world in my opinion.

Vitamin C
Madre Labs, Madre-C, Vitamin C High Quality Natural Vitamin C
Doctor’s Best, Best Camu Camu 4:1 Extract, 400 mg

Nature’s Answer, Liquid Magnesium Glycinate
Metabolic Maintenance, Magnesium Glycinate

Also get Vitamin D
Carlson Labs, Solar D Gems, 4,000 IU, 360 Soft Gels Very important for optimal general health

I’m not here to say you MUST eat these. But you should consider possibilities of starting to make healthier choices in your life today.

What ever the situation is there is nothing to worry about. Because you have power to control your destiny.

But don’t panic about this too much, stress might have more negative health effects than little radiation levels.

You can say to yourself: This is the situation, I know it and I am going to make intelligent choices about my health and I am responsible for my health.

But remember there may be longterm consequences of not taking action.

Now that you know the facts. Don’t delay! is earth’s cheapest natural health online store that ships to over 180 countries.

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