Astaxanthin Is Poised To Become “The Next Vitamin D”

Have you heard of Astaxanthin? Which is praised as to become “The Next Vitamin D”. Yes, it’s that big thing. Everybody now probably knows the power of Vitamin D, Astaxanthin could be another as powerful thing to have on use.

Check out also this short video about Astaxanthin – Doctor Oz On The Surprising Supplement You Need.

“Astaxanthin is on my list as one of the top three most important nutrients for human health (along with vitamin D and omega-3 fats).” – Mike Adams the Health Ranger

What is Astaxanthin?

Astaxanthin is pretty newly discovered. It’s been researched only for 10 years. Astaxanthin is fastly becoming “The Next Vitamin D”, a supplement which everybody should have in use.

The power of Astaxanthin is illustrated well by the salmon fish. Salmons often goes for days without eating, and they swim to upstream for hundreds of miles. How they have such an endurance? What is their secret? Astaxanthin based diet.

Professional athletes have taken Astaxanthin on their diet after discovery of this. They benefit the most of it. Watch more info about this from the videos.

Astaxanthin belongs to subcategory of the carotenoid family. Carotenoids are plant chemicals produced by plants and few animals as a part of their survival mechanism. Plants uses carotenoids natural antioxidant properties to protect themselves from the sunrays.

Sea animals with red/pink color such as salmon, lobster, shrimp get their color by eating other organisms that eat Astaxanthin rich algae and plankton. Flamingos also get their pink color by eating Astaxanthin rich food. Baby flamingos are born white, and eventually they turn pink with their eating.

Do humans also turn pink when taking Astaxanthin? Not exactly, but huge doses might give you a healthy looking little tanned skin.

Healthy Origins Astaxanthin

To get Astaxanthin from modern diet is very hard. The only sources basically are like wild salmon. And whole salmon contains approx 1mg of Astaxanthin, while the recommended dosage is atleast 4-8mg/day. Even higher dosage if you’re looking for great endurance boost or benefits like preventing sunburn.

Astaxanthin has been reported of not having any side-effects and no toxicity level. So it’s save to consume even on high doses.

The benefits of Astaxanthin

Like Vitamin D, Astaxanthin has literally million benefits to human and I could write 100 pages benefits of Astaxanthin, and I wouldn’t be done yet.

Astaxanthin has been shown on the laboratory analysis to be the strongest natural antioxidant yet discovered.

550 times more powerful than Vitamin E. 800 times stronger than Vitamin C and CoQ10.

Astaxanthin reaches and benefits whole human body, every part of it. It’s unique that astaxanthin passes the blood-brain barrier and goes to brains and eyes and benefits them dramatically.

For pain:
Against the inflammation
Reduce joint and tendon pain
Reduce muscle pain and soreness
Remedy for carpal tunnel syndrome
Remedy for tennis elbow

Endurance boost and professional athlete use:
Increase in strength and stamina
Reduce recovery time
Reduces muscle, joint pain and soreness after exercise

For better skin
Combat premature skin aging
Prevent freckles and age spots
Battle skin dryness
Astaxanthin can heal damaged skin

Against damaging from the sunrays and prevent sunburn:
Astaxanthin prevents UV sun damage occurring
Reverses external signs of aging from the inside out
With Astaxanthin supplementation can spend more time in the sun without burning in the sun
Sunburn is inflammation on your skin and Astaxanthin prevents it

Help in eye health problems such as:
Macular degeneration
Cystoid macular edema
Diabetic retinopathy
And many others
Astaxanthin supplements have been shown to give a better vision

Other additional reported Astaxanthin benefits:
Boost immune system
Helps in preventing heart attacks
Normalizes blood pressure
Prostate problem relieve
Better resistance to colds and getting sick
Prevents and gives relieve to diabetes
Prevents gum disease
Prevents cells from oxidative damage

And literally million other benefits. This was just a bird’s-eye view. Astaxanthin is literally “The Next Vitamin D”, it has almost as big health benefits and everybody definitely should supplement both of these and I am also doing it myself.

Best Astaxanthin and Vitamin D products from iHerb

Enough Vitamin D you can get naturally 365 days per year if you live in certain parts of the world. So it’s not that necessary for everyone to get Vitamin D supplements… But nobody on this planet gets enough Astaxanthin with their diet. Nobody eats 5 whole salmon fish in a day, or something similar.

What Astaxanthin supplement I use and where to get it?

I myself use Healthy Origins, Astaxanthin, 4 mg per capsule ordered from iHerb. This Astaxanthin is BioAstin Natural Astaxanthin, the real deal and not some synthetic stuff.

Update: New bigger size Healthy Origins Astaxanthin 12 mg, Triple Strength is available now, basically 3 capsules in one. But I still recommend the 4mg astaxanthin as better. Personal experiences on the 12mg product weren’t that good.

With this on use I wake up unbelievable energized, fresh and alert. I never have experienced this good morning wakeups. It must the Astaxanthin as I started to experience this after starting to take these capsules.

Astaxanthin capsules from iHerb

150 capsules in one package, so it lasts long even as I am currently using 2 capsules everyday and 3 when I exercise or go outside for prolonged periods to prevent the sun damage and sunburning. Also there is same product with smaller 60 capsule package if want to try first with smaller sample.

Also you can check other Astaxanthin brands from iHerb

Healthy Origins is a brand which I’ve found to be working. I’ve used Healthy Origins, Vitamin D3, 5,000 IU, 360 Softgels for 2 years and I have seen good benefits with it. Works on me, gives more energy, haven’t got sick in any way for over 1 year period, achieves better sleep, never depressed 🙂

So since the Vitamin D product works with Healthy Origins brand, I thought that the Astaxanthin product I will also get from them. Also I learned that most of the Astaxanthin products uses the exact same Astaxanthin, under different names and brands… So get the same stuff from the reliable and same time from the cheapest brand.

The links go to which I’ve found out to be the best online natural supplement store worldwide. Fantastic customer care and service, iHerb carries in their selection almost anything you can imagine, high quality supplements with best overall value on the planet, I at least haven’t found anything cheaper from somewhere else than what iHerb’s prices are.

So iHerb is the one stop shopping place for every natural supplement out there. See more on my Why iHerb? page where I list more info about them and how they have every category you could imagine and how they ship to 180+ countries. If you’re reading this, I bet they ship to you also 🙂

May you improve life with Astaxanthin and other health foods.

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Also for more info and sources check Dr. Mercola’s page on Astaxanthin.

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