Benefits Of Eating Superfoods

Can eating superfoods make you never get sick? Is there really any real benefits of eating nutrient-rich content foods…? Here is some benefits what I have noticed.

Never get sick

I don’t remember single day that I have been sick in whole year. I used to have chronic rhinitis almost every morning, and was used to sneezing all the time. Now they are complete disappeared. Is the reason daily consumption of Chaga tea or just better overall diet..? Hard to say..

Here is one fact about Chaga mushroom: Chaga ORAC is 52,000 which is one the highest in the world. Compare that to Acai berries which has 5,500 ORAC. Acai Berry is claimed to be one worlds healthiest berry. That should tell you something.. If you want to read more about Chaga check this and wikipedia. Also taking Vitamin D 5000 IU daily might play big role on why I don’t get sick anymore.
Picture of real wild Chaga mushroom growing on birch.
Wild Chaga Mushroom

Faster recovery

Before eating superfoods, when I did “just” 300 hindu squats, next day was like nightmare. It was hard to even walk. Today there is no problems recovering in just one night. Again it’s really hard to say what is the main reason for this. If I would need to guess I would say MSM or Cordyceps and maybe high quality protein and Natural Vitamin C has some effects on recovery rate. Also healthy overall diet plays a big role with this too.

Better overall well-being

I used to suffer all kinds of social anxiety before adding superfoods to my diet. I remember days when I needed to use alcohol to ease my anxiety when talking to people at bars&clubs. After I started to eat superfoods, the word “anxiety” mainly amuses me. Now I “suffer” from continuous feel good state without any anxiety. Is the reason for this just better life-style and healthy eating? OR almost daily consumption of raw Cacao which is known to contain high amounts of serotonin. What about superherbs like Ashwagandha, Gotu-kola, Tulsi, and other herbs which I eat almost daily..

Picture of homemade Raw Chocolate
Raw Cacao

More energy

Before superfoods I had to take daily snoozes after work. One day I decided that this must change. So I started a path to find more energy. Did some googling and found that everybody who started to eat superfoods claimed to have huge energy boosts. So I decided to put these “claims” to test. I ordered Cacao nibs, Maca powder and Goji berries. To make long story short, I did not notice huge energy boosts from these, but received huge sex-drive boost from Maca and raw Cacao.

Path to find more energy continued until I discover mushroom called Cordyceps, which is used by professional athletics to boost energy. So I started to search where to get it. I found instant coffee named CafeCeps which has Reishi and Cordyceps mushrooms. This was first product which really gives me promises of more energy. Now there is no need for daily snoozes anymore.

What to eat for more energy? My suggestion is mushrooms like Reishi and Cordyceps. You can get them both from CafeCeps or CocoCeps. I also suggest to eat high quality Maca and superherbs like Ashwagandha and Gotu kola.

And of course (everybody know this) healthy eating, more organic whole foods and vegetables gives you more energy in longterm.

CafeCeps to boost energy levels


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  1. miss m says:

    I have social anxiety! What superfood helped for that? Is it mostly because of the cacao? I just bought some raw cacao nibs, tastes is not very good but I love that after just one hour it worked as a pain killer (had a terrible headache).