Benefits of Intermittent Fasting and Eat Stop Eat Review

Why all health experts starting from Dr. Mercola to David Wolfe praises Intermittent Fasting as an ultimate tool for weight loss & longevity?

Benefits of Intermittent Fasting

See Dr. Mercola, top natural health advocate in the world, giving quality information about the Benefits of Intermittent Fasting

Intermittent Fasting

Intermittent fasting is usually around 24 hours fasting. Short, easy and simple with multiple health benefits.

Just a few intermittent fasting benefits to mention:

Increased human growth hormone
Neurological health
Mental well-being and clarity
Increased testosterone levels


Ancient Strategy for Living 100+ Years

David Wolfe talking about fasting in this short video. Jump to 0:35 to skip the intro


My experience on the intermittent fasting

I often keep Monday as my fast day, Monday seems to suit me well after weekends eating. I fast usually max once a week for about 24 hours.

I usually drink a lot water, sometimes green tea or other teas.

With intermittent fasting like this I have experienced great feeling states. In the middle of the day I feel like sliding in to ‘in the moment’ state and stay in that, feeling great.

The other major benefit is that when I fast I have so much time to do a lot of work and I really notice how much we spend time everyday on preparing food and eating. Those days you have more time to do some tasks which you may have been putting aside for a long time. Also it is great time for some meditation.

After just these benefits I’m a big fan of fasting and definitely will continue to fast like once a week for 24 hours.

But on top of this I get many other benefits, like many health benefits which of course you may not instantly see, but they will promote longevity.

With intermittent fasting you also get a boost on your Human Growth Hormone(HGH) production, which is going to keep you young and benefit you a lot in exercise.

“Fasting can trigger a dramatic rise in human growth hormone (HGH), also known as “the fitness hormone.” Recent research found fasting raised HGH by 1,300 percent in women and 2,000 percent in men!”


Major libido boost is also to be noted.

One positive thing is also that I save a lot money with food costs by fasting one day of the week, and that money can be further invested into some life improving things.

I learned a lot from intermittent fasting by reading Eat Stop Eat book by Brad Pilon.


What is Eat Stop Eat book about?

The Eat Stop Eat book is by Brad Pilon and in the book he talks about fasting, intermittent fasting and busting many myths about fasting.

He touches on the topics people fear on fasting, like slowed down metabolism, fear of losing muscle, fear of becoming just too hungry – with facts and research (Eat Stop Eat book has over 50 references from many scientific studies).

The book is 178 pages and includes professional information about fasting. Brad Pilon has covered fasting topic throughout and you can see he is passionate about this topic. I haven’t found so much information about fasting from any other source, so this is a definite read for everyone interested on the topic of intermittent fasting.


Here is just a peek on the many super interesting chapters of Eat Stop Eat book:

Forget Everything You Have Ever Read About Fasting
Fasting and Your Metabolism
Fasting and Exercise
Fasting and your Brain
Fasting and Your Muscle Mass
Fasting and Hunger
Fasting and Blood Sugar Levels
Other Misconceptions of Fasting
The Health Benefits of Fasting
Increased Growth Hormone Levels
Increased Weight Loss and Increased Fat Loss
Increased Cellular Cleaning
What to do While Fasting
How to work out with Eat Stop Eat


For who Eat Stop Eat is for?

Anybody who has tried low-calorie, low carb, low-fat diets and found it difficult to lose weight should consider Eat Stop Eat. There is nothing complicated or expensive which makes this diet plan highly unique.

The way of eating that is demonstrated in Eat Stop Eat is best suited to people who want to enjoy life a bit while also seeing great weight loss. Brad Pilon is heavily against living an unbalanced strict lifestyle to reach weight loss goals. Brad believes we only have one life and we should maximize our life enjoyment while also staying lean and healthy.


Few quotes from the book

“By default, because you do not consume anything while you are fasting, research on
fasting contains very little bias from large food company funding. After all, why would
a food company spend money proving there is a benefit to eating less of their

“Throughout history, various cultures have used fasting in many different types of
rituals and celebrations, and still use fasting within those traditions to this day.
Almost all major religions have a degree of fasting built into them. From political
protests to healing rituals, and even for good-old weight loss, there are many
historical accounts of various people fasting for different reasons. With the exception
of fasting for religious purposes, the practice of fasting has all but disappeared in
North America.”

“Our ancestors also fasted simply due to the poor availability of food. While modernday
humans in many developed countries are used to being able to eat a solid three
meals per day, animals in the wild eat only when food is available, and most likely this
is also how our hunter-gatherer ancestors ate.”

“And let’s not forget that the majority of the world’s population still lives without
adequate food supply. The fact that we’re faced with a problem of too much food
makes us the lucky ones. Of course, this creates an odd sort of irony in the fact that
you are now reading a book about how to deal with the consequences of the extra


Eat Stop Eat is an 24 hour fast, works for men and women. It is backed up with a ton of medical research – Brad Pilon has a degree in applied human nutrition. You can tell a lot about the product just by looking how healthy and fit the author looks like in his website.

When reading a book on the topic of fitness / weight loss… It’s important to look at the author, how he looks? Does he actually walk the talk. If the author itself looks ripped and healthy – we have a real deal.

Eat Stop Eat book is sold in the author Brad Pilon’s website, where you can get by clicking the picture below.

There is also some pretty great before-after transformational pictures!

Benefits of Intermittent Fasting and Eat Stop Eat Review