Benefits of Interval Training

I have had lately very good results incorporating interval training to my training regime. I used to just do normal aerobic training jogging or running 20-30 minutes. Bad thing about normal aerobic training is that it might elevate your stress hormone cortisol levels if you are already pretty stressed.

Good thing about short maximum bursts is that you get very quick increases in your fitness and higher mental functions. After a long break of interval training I got these benefits from one quick under 10 minutes session of maximum aerobic activity.

Benefits of interval training:

Increased well-being

Increased relaxation

Increased IQ and ability to focus

Increased ability to let go of distracting thoughts

Increased fitness, I hardly even notice change in breath or heart rate anymore when climbing stairs or doing some pretty hard quick physical activity

Last point is significant because I have done normal aerobic training for years and still haven’t EVER got any significant increases in my fitness levels. Short bursts of maximum aerobic activity in interval training are much more effective in raising your fitness and higher mental functions.

What usually goes wrong when people start interval training? Usually people just start with too much training volume. Even two maximum bursts are enough when you start maximum intensity training. I wouldn’t suggest over 10 minute training time if you aren’t athlete or in very good shape.

Back in the day when I first started interval training I started with 20 min sessions. Off course there was massive joint pains and fatigue the next day after that. That surely did keep interval training off my training regime.


How to stop joint pains

How I stopped my joint pains? I started using MSM regularly. It seems to increase my flexibility and joint strength so I don’t get joint pains anymore after running. If you have similar problems you might want to try it too. I order my MSM from iHerb: Doctor’s Best MSM Powder 250 g.

The thing that sold me on MSM was that it stopped my joint pains in the legs and allows me to even run on asphalt without problems! There was no way for me to run on asphalt without MSM before. Another thing that seems to help me with feet strength  is getting enough sun and vitamin D. Sun is of course preferable but if you can’t take it enough I recommend quality vitamin D supplement.