Benefits of Probiotics – Hidden Secret to Your Health

Just got back from one month Thailand trip and had some stomach problems in the last week. This got me motivated to do some research considering the benefits of probiotics.

After coming back I bought some yogurts with L. Casei Defensis probiotic and after few days of using it I felt that my stomach works better now. Commercial yogurts though contain many unwanted ingredients like pasteurized milk, high fructose corn syrup and excessive amounts of sugar which are bad for your health.

These are my research findings considering the importance of probiotics that I found:

Main benefits of probiotics

-Aids in digesting food, especially hard to digest foods and foods some people are more sensitive to (possibly lactose)*
-Enhances the synthesis of B-vitamins and improves calcium absorption*
-Helps you to keep a healthy balance of intestinal micro flora (ratio of good bacteria to bad bacteria)*
-In women promotes vaginal health*
-Supports your overall immune function because about 80% of your immune system is in your gut*
-Possible improving to lactose digestion and elimination of symptoms of lactose intolerance*
-Possible improvement in abdominal health, bloating and occasional elimination irregularities*
-Possible help in supporting the health of human epithelial cell lines*

Probiotics are even more important than taking multivitamin says Dr. Mercola. Main thing to keep in mind is that you want to take probiotics to empty stomach – at least 15-30 minutes before eating. This helps to reduce the effect of intestinal gastric juices and acid to degrade and kill the beneficial bacteria you are taking. Probiotics are especially useful when traveling to foreign countries where your gut might need that extra support and your body that boost in immunity.*

Your gut is your second brain, your serotonin is produced mainly in your gut. It has enormous effect to your mind and mood.* So probiotics might be alternative if you want to improve your mind and mood.*


Here’s some tips to improve gut function in addition to using probiotics:

-Stay away from sugar and eliminate it from your daily diet as much as possible. Sugar feeds the bad bacteria and might increase your changes to stomach ailments.
-Eat good vegetables which are sources of nutrients to good bacteria.
-While commercial yogurts might be beneficial they are often “polluted” with too much of sugar (or sweeteners which are even worse), pasteurized milk and high fructose corn syrup which are detrimental to your health in the long term.
-Stay away from antibiotics when ever possible, they cause massive harm to your gut bacteria.
-Don’t use bacteria killing soap.
-Eliminate bad sources of stress as much as possible and incorporate relaxation techniques (meditation, sleeping, hypnosis) to the times of day when you are most badly stressed.

Only problem when buying probiotic supplement nowadays is how to choose the correct brand? Things to remember when buying probiotic supplement are that it contains no magnesium stearate. Problem with magnesium stearate is that its health effects aren’t known for sure and why you would want some completely unnatural substance in your gut? Magnesium stearate is associated with problems in biofilm formation in your body. Other thing to remember is to use probiotic supplement that contains only all human strains bacteria.


Probiotics products I recommed

Wondering where to buy good probiotics products? This was a problem for me too. Normal pharmacies surely sells some probiotics products but are they the best you could use? Answer is that they usually aren’t. They may contain harmful additives like magnesium stearate and shelf lifes are usually very long meaning that big part of the bacterias are dead when you finally consume it. These are the best probiotic products I found during my research:

1. Dr. Mercola Complete Probiotics, 60 Capsules
2. Dr. Ohhira’s Essential Formulas Inc. Probiotics, Original Formula, 60 Capsules
3. FoodScience
4. BioRay CytoFlora (pricey)

Benefits of Probiotics

Normal probiotics being sold in pharmacies might contain only 1,5 billion CFU (colony forming units) of bacteria whereas Dr. Mercola’s Complete Probiotics has 70 Billion CFU Per 2 Capsule Serving.

Also you can add in your diet quality whey protein product which in itself is great food to support healthy gut flora, but this Dr. Mercola’s whey protein includes also 15 CFU Billion Probiotics per Serving.

I have also heard that it would be important to change your probiotics products from time to time. Evidently our systems get too used to one of a kind and it stops working as effectively. That’s why it is good to change periodically from one to another at least monthly.


My experience of using probiotics

My experience of using probiotics is that I can eat much MUCH bigger amounts of food without any problems (even pig out totally). Very good if you want to increase your muscle mass and keep feeling good while eating massive amounts. Without using probiotics I eat kind a small proportions only to avoid possible stomach problems. While using some kind of probiotics my stomach problems just seem to go away. Everything seems to work better and digestion works wonderfully. I can eat things like bread without having gas problems.

Activities of enzymes and bacteria balance of your gut changes as you age and its important to take care your ratio of good bacteria to bad bacteria using a probiotic supplement. Benefits of probiotics are huge and its one of the best ways to take care of your health.*


For more information check these videos by Dr. Mercola:

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