Is Eating Clay Essential Now?

Why this old detox/cleaning method is getting popular again..? Could eating clay become essential in todays world? Bentonite clay benefits.

In old times eating clay was essential because of food poisoning from unknown plants and decayed food. There was not refrigerators or freezers. People ate a lot herbs from wild and among there could be poisonous plants. So they ate clay constantly to avoid food poisoning.

Today we don’t really have that problem, common food today is so processed that you cannot really get food poisoning anymore. We have refrigerators and freezers to store foods. We don’t really need eat wild herbs which we don’t know anything. So eating clay habit has been dismissed.

But could todays world have something that we should be eating clay..?

Yes, air pollution, pesticides on foods, radiation. Small amounts but everything adds up with time.. So you should at least consider adding clay to your diet. Benefits are huge and it’s cheap and fast to eat, so nothing to lose by eating it.

Watch this 10 minute video from health guru Daniel Vitalis

What is bentonite clay

I was stunned about fact that there are people eating clay.. But when I started to make little research about subject I noticed its pretty normal to eat clay.

Virtually every animals in the wild eats clay. In ancient times clay was part of natural diet to avoid food poisoning.

Bentonite clay is excellent add-on for cleansing body. It binds poisons, toxins, heavy metals, pesticides, and other unknown substances for human body.

There are many types of clays such as: bentonite clay, green clay, zeolite clay(binds radioactive material itself).

Bentonite clay benefits

Bentonite clay has been used as skin cleanser for ages, from ancient Egyptians to luxury facial salons today.

Clay also has been used against poisoning from ancient times to the present.

Eating clay is popular and effective way to cleanse colon.

Bentonite clay has high mineral content about 60-70 different minerals.

Where to buy bentonite clay

Here is couple high quality brand I recommend for clays:
HealthForce Nutritionals, ZeoForce, Detoxify Daily, 400 g, Powder – Zeolite based very powerful for cleansing. Highest quality clay on market at the moment.

Frontier Natural Products, Bentonite Clay Powder, 16 oz (453 g) – Bentonite based, good for basic uses. facemasks, baths and so on.

How to use bentonite clay

Drink to empty stomach in the morning:
Mix 1 Tsp of bentonite clay with half litre of water.
I suggest also putting half Tsp sea salt with it.

It may help to take psyllium fiber along with clay for better cleansing.

1 Tsp per day is enough for most people.

Absolute maximum what you should use in one day is 4 Tsp.

When to not use bentonite clay

I suggest you don’t use bentonite clay if you are pregnant, have high blood pressure or using any medical drugs. Or at least consult your doctor before doing it.

Want to learn more about clay?
Get this book The Clay Cure : Natural Healing from the Earth

bentonite clay benefits

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