Best Vitamin D Products on

What are the best Vitamin D products on

How can you get enough Vitamin D for health benefits? If you can’t take sun at least 2-3 times per week you’ll need to supplement it. Where to get vitamin D? In my experience iHerb is by far the best place to order vitamin D. They ship everywhere (180+ countries) and could potentially be the cheapest place worldwide to order vitamin D.

If you are wondering why to supplement Vitamin D? Then invest a few minutes to watch this very informative video clip about the many surprising benefits of Vitamin D:

Here’s my review of three best Vitamin D products on All of them contain sufficiently high dosage of Vitamin D so that you might not even need to take them everyday.

Best Vitamin D products on iHerb Carlson Labs D Drops, Liquid Vitamin D, 4000 IU, 0.34 fl oz (10 ml)1. Carlson Labs D Drops, Liquid Vitamin D, 4000 IU, 0.34 fl oz (10 ml)

Costs only $22.43 for a year supply. Thing that makes this different is its liquid form so it might be perfect for you if you want to add it straight to the food that whole family eats.

Also wonderful to add to smoothies or take with oil.

This product is discontinued so here’s few other iHerb recommendations for liquid vitamin d product:

Thorne Research, Vitamin D/K2, 1 fl oz (30 ml) -Vitamin D3 with Vitamin K2 MK-4
Thorne Research, Vitamin D, 1 fl oz (30 ml)
Carlson Labs, Super Daily D3, 2000 IU, 0.426 fl oz (12.6 ml)
Solgar, Liquid Vitamin D3, 5000 IU Per Serving, Natural Orange Flavor, 2 fl oz (59 ml)


Best Vitamin D products on iHerb Carlson Labs, Solar D Gems, 4,000 IU, 360 Soft Gels2. Carlson Labs, Solar D Gems, 4,000 IU, 360 Soft Gels

Cost $29.19 for a bit over year supply. Thing that makes this my favourite is that it contains Norwegian Cod Liver Oil providing DHA and EPA omega-3s.

In my opinion this is the best vitamin d product on Every capsule contains 50 mg DHA and 42 mg EPA. So with this in use you might not need to worry supplementing with fish oil that often.


Best Vitamin D products on iHerb Healthy Origins, Vitamin D3, 5,000 IU, 360 Softgels3. Healthy Origins, Vitamin D3, 5,000 IU, 360 Softgels

Cheapest basic product that cost $13.49 for a bit over year supply. It comes in pure olive oil packed gelatin capsules.


If you are still looking for more options, check iHerb Vitamin D category.


Shocking New WARNING about Vitamin D3 and Vitamin K2(menaquinone)

Newest discovery about Vitamin K2, menaquinone, which is now proven as the Dr. Weston Price’s “Activator X” or “X-Factor”. Newest data proves that Vitamin K2 is the most important thing to supplement with Vitamin D3, without this Vitamin D could shockingly cause more harm than good.

Without Vitamin K2 the calcium you get from food and from supplements goes to wrong places, like your arteries, heart – causing calcification of your arteries. Vitamin K2 deficiency is now noted as a number 1 killer among both men and women.

Without Vitamin K2 you do not have the needed synergy for Calcium, Vitamin D and Vitamin A to work the right way in your body. Vitamin K2 activates Vitamin D and Vitamin A based proteins, and if you’re a man that is bad news in regards to your testosterone levels as Vitamin A is the crucial part in it – and if you’ve always been Vitamin K2 deficient you are dramatically lacking in every aspect of your life, especially in testosterone department.

More information to read on this topic, and few Youtube videos to watch:

Dr. Kate Rheaume-Bleue on Studio 4 with Fanny Kiefer (video)
Dr. Mercola Interviews Dr. Kate Rheamue-Bleue (video)
On the Trail of the Elusive X-Factor: A Sixty-Two-Year-Old Mystery Finally Solved

Warning: If You Take Vitamin D Without This, You May Actually Harden Your Arteries
This Could Be Even BIGGER than the Vitamin D Discovery…
The important vitamin K2 – Dr Weston A. Price’s powerful dental caries healer “Activator X”


My recommendations for Vitamin K2 supplements, which are essential to compliment with Vitamin D3

Even the experts say that its nowadays impossible to get enough Vitamin K2 from our modernized diet. And besides the Weston Price’s “Activator X” Vitamin K2 form MK-4 can only be found in few foods. If you’re vegan you might not be getting it at all.

The 2 most important Vitamin K2 forms are first MK-4 and second MK-7. Vitamin K1 is completely different from K2, K1 doesnt give any benefits on the synergy of Vitamin D3, Calcium, Vitamin A.

So here’s few supplements I’ve researched well and used for Vitamin K2. I myself use these Thorne Research products, they are also recommended on the Weston Price Foundation website and they are probably the best “Activator X” Vitamin K2 MK-4 supplements on the market.

Thorne Research, Vitamin D/K2, 1 fl oz (30 ml) -Vitamin D3 with Vitamin K2 MK-4
Thorne Research, Vitamin K2, 1 fl oz (30 ml) -MK-4 15mg / drop
Carlson Labs, Vitamin K2 MK-4, 5 mg
Natural Factors K & D with 120 mcg K2 (as MK-7)
Source Naturals, Vitamin K2 (as menaquinone-7), 100 mcg

If you wish to use both most beneficial Vitamin K2 forms, MK-4 and MK-7 then I recommend you to get Thorne Research and Natural Factors products to use the same time. Vitamin K2 doesn’t have any toxicity, it basically cannot be overdosed as its completely different from Vitamin K1.

I highly recommend Vitamin K2 supplement, its now regarded as the most important supplement – even more important than Vitamin D3 as K2 is required for D3 to work right in your body. Can’t stress it enough, and please tell about this to everyone who uses Vitamin D3 supplements. D3 supplements alone can lead to calcification of arteries and to early death. The more you use Vitamin D3 the more you need Vitamin K2.

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