Astaxanthin the Most Powerful Natural Supplement Known to Man?

When I was at Thailand I really put Astaxanthin’s power into test, can Astaxanthin really prevent sunburn?


Doctors all over the world praises Astaxanthin as a #1 supplement to have

There is a reason why Dr. Mercola, Dr Oz and health expert Mike Adams from NaturalNews praises Astaxanthin as the best supplement for virtually everyone on the planet.

If there would be a fight for the best supplement in the world, I think Vitamin D and Astaxanthin would have a very close fight…

I writed about the power of Astaxanthin before, if you missed it see it here: Astaxanthin Is Poised To Become “The Next Vitamin D

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Astaxanthin sunburn prevention?

For 3 weeks in hot Thailand I did sunbathing everyday for at least 30 minutes + the other time spent in the sunlight all day.

Note: I do not ever use sunscreen, and I didn’t use a drop of it this time either.

How many times did I sunburn my skin?

As a white skin person who is not used to sunlight on daily basis I didn’t burn my skin even once… Why is that the case?

The credit goes to Astaxanthin supplementation, which is outstanding on sunburn prevention. Astaxanthin’s powerful anti-inflammatory properties and antioxidant capabilities helps skin and DNA from damaging in the sunlight. For me Astaxanthin supplementation eliminates the need to use toxic sunscreen lotions.

Also usually when I’m travelling in places like Thailand, I get sick often… This time with Astaxanthin supplements I didn’t get any sort of disease/flu or sickness feelings and I really credit it all to Astaxanthin again.. Remember, Astaxanthin is the world’s strongest known natural antioxidant.

Astaxanthin and its benefits are the best piece I’ve found in the world of supplements… If every people on the planet should supplement something I think it would be Astaxanthin along with Vitamin D, these two alone can have a dramatic change in your overall everyday state, health, fitness and longevity.


Why not to use sunscreen?

What do I mean by toxic sunscreen lotions?

Well personally for me the negative health problems caused by sunscreen products have been common sense for many years.

The thing is, that commercial sunscreen products with their toxic ingredients are the main reason for skin cancer… Sun doesn’t cause cancer, it prevents it. Overexposure to sunlight is obviously the different story, which shouldn’t be practised.

But nobody should ever put commercial sunscreen products on their skin, it is one of the worst things you can do for your health.

Applying sunscreen and going out to sunbathe won’t give you any benefits of sunlight because the use of sunscreen blocks your skin from getting the positive sunrays and Vitamin D3.

So its better to ask why the hell you would wanna sunbathe with sunscreen? Just to… Get a skin cancer? Remember, sunbathing with sunscreen you mostly get the negative effects from the sunrays and the positive sunrays which produce Vitamin D3 will be blocked.

Do not believe me, believe the experienced doctors. I highly recommend you to watch this 2:33 minutes long video: The Sun Doesn’t Cause Cancer, It Prevents It

If you really need and want to use sunscreen, maybe you have extremely sensitive skin and you burn in no time… Then I recommend you to look for natural sunscreen lotions which only have natural ingredients without any carcinogens. If you have children for whom you apply commercial sunscreens, I would really reconsider…

Natural organic sunscreen products aren’t that hard to get, and they aren’t even more expensive.

If you are looking for all natural safe sunscreen products, then take a look onto iHerb’s offer on Healthy Skin Organic category which is full of Dr. Mercola’s great healthy skin products with sun protection factor(SPF) going up to 50 with organic all natural ingredients, which is really impressive!

Few examples:
Natural Sunscreen with Green Tea, SPF 50(iHerb) Or
Natural Sunscreen with Astaxanthin, SPF 30(iHerb) Or

Also high quality extra virgin organic coconut oil is a great choice for sunscreen.

Read more for the reasons why not to use sunscreen, why is sunscreen really bad for health and information on some alternatives for sunscreen.


Astaxanthin dosage

I myself use 1-4 capsules a day, depending of the day. If I exercise or stay outside prolonged periods then I take more.

Right Astaxanthin dosage is crucial point to get the Astaxanthin benefits, I myself didn’t see at start much benefits with only 1 capsule per day… When trying 4 capsules(16mg) I definitely saw the difference in endurance, mind clarity, alertness and overall well-being feeling absolutely great.

When taking good dosage of Astaxanthin I even feel that I can sit on the computer for prolonged periods and I do not get any “haze” or headaches from sitting in front of monitor like normally I do get.

The health expert Mike Adams himself says:

Are you taking enough astaxanthin? I took astaxanthin on and off for a couple of years at a very low dosage: 2mg or 4mg. And I never really noticed much of an effect. The reality of astaxanthin’s health benefits didn’t kick in for me until I started taking significantly higher doses like 16mg per day. At that level (which is just four tiny gelcaps per day, they’re the size of BBs), all kinds of benefits started to kick in. I was able to run farther, exercise with greater intensity, and yet wake up the next morning with surprisingly little soreness. It was like my body was suddenly functioning at a fitness level way beyond what I was used to.

Even with upto 6 capsules per day(max I’ve tried), 24mg Astaxanthin dosage I haven’t got any negative side effects. Astaxanthin is studied to not have any side-effects and zero toxicity level. So its save to consume even on high doses to get the desired results.

Note that you will see astaxanthin benefits likely after 2 weeks or even 4 weeks regular use. It’s not like some medicine that instantly works, so remember to use it regularly to reap benefits of astaxanthin. In long term astaxanthin might be a better choice as anti-inflammatory than potentially toxic prescription drugs and pain killers.

Also remember that astaxanthin is fat soluble, you must take it with fat in order to absorb well. Coconut oil, olive oil, eggs are good to take the supplement with.

More Astaxanthin benefits, experiences and review you can see from the link above to my earlier article.

Dr. Mercola interview talk about the power of astaxanthin, listen this – impressive!

“People consuming astaxanthin actually have an improvement in the way they look. It’s beauty from within.”

See more about astaxanthin benefits from the latest Dr. Mercola article.

3 most important supplements

Most of the health experts all recommend the same: the 3 most important supplements to get are Vitamin D, Astaxanthin and Omega 3’s either from fish oil or for example from chia seeds will do fine.

After these are in regular use you do not really have to worry about anything else, besides living an overall healthy lifestyle with exercise being the most important aspect(also cut out the sugar, high fructose corn syrup, processed wheat and most processed foods completely out of your life).

Use these with regular exercise and everything starts to fall in their place when it comes to being a healthy, fit, happy energetic person.

Astaxanthin being a relatively “new” supplement so people might wonder where to get Astaxanthin… I buy my Astaxanthin from iHerb.

I use this brand and will re-order as it really gives the results:
Healthy Origins, Astaxanthin, 4 mg, 150 Softgels(iHerb) Or
Healthy Origins, Astaxanthin, 4 mg, 60 Softgels -smaller package for alternative

Update: New bigger size Healthy Origins Astaxanthin 12 mg, Triple Strength is available now, basically 3 capsules in one. But I don’t recommend this one as highly as 4mg astaxanthin which personally gives me better results!

Also you can check other Astaxanthin brands from iHerb

Astaxanthin is the new hit in the health industry and it might be out-of-stock especially now on the summer time when more and more people are getting into the alternative way to prevent sunburn.

Also you can still get almost too cheap Madre Labs Fish Oil from iHerb, for a limited time -59% off from SRP(suggested retail price).

Natural fish oil from wild deep-sea fish, tested to be free of potentially harmful levels of contaminants and heavy metals:
Madre Labs, Omega-3 Premium Fish Oil, 100 Softgels


I say it again: You won’t see much difference supplementing anything if you still continue to live unhealthy lifestyle.. Supplements aren’t a magic pill to continue eating in McDonalds everyday. These supplements, even though they are the best things you could ever eat, aren’t alone going to magically make you fit and healthy… They are the addition to the healthy lifestyle.

With right healthy lifestyle you will actually see the benefits of these whole food supplements, but if you are someone who thinks he/she can continue to live unhealthy and magically get the health back with supplements… Well, it’s not going to happen. You have to do the overall change for the better.

You do not have to lose anything, just replace things with better options. For example sugar with raw organic honey, white bread with dark bread, margarine with butter, sodas with stevia sweetened tea/smoothies, candies with berries/nuts, micro popcorn with real self-made organic corn grains popped with butter and sea salt.



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