David Wolfe and Dr. Joseph Mercola Q and A Session – PART FOUR

Key information for life! Top experts David Wolfe and Dr. Mercola of the health scene answering to interesting questions in Longevity Now Conference 2010! Here’s the best bits noted from PART FOUR!

“One child refused to take vaccinations.. But childs parents persisted and child got vaccinated. One month later leukemia showed up on the child. I dont know is there connection there, but we must be very careful..” -David Wolfe

There’s causal relationship between shoe wearing and MS. When people have used most shoes there’s most MS. We don’t need shoes, barefeet is the best and most natural way. MS is modern times made disease. Go out barefoot to earth and ground you. Google “earthing”, “grounding”.

“I know dozens of people who has COMPLETELY RECOVERED from MS.” -David Wolfe
Most important thing along living food, superfoods was MINERALIZATION. Minerals helps recover.

Earthing, walk barefoot outside. Get D-vitamin by walking outside. “You gotta go 100% raw if you have serious condition.” -Dr. Mercola
Have commitment.

Vitamin-D is so crucial. Dr. Mercola suggests vitamin-D for almost every problem people encounter. You must have optimized vitamin-d levels. Get sun healthy amounts regularly and get vitamin-d supplements. So key point. Vitamin-D liquid drops, if capsules aren’t your thing. And this one is more high quality Vitamin-D product if you want to invest more.

“Cucumber number 1 kidney health promoting food.” -David Wolfe
Anything from the melon family.
David Wolfe suggests peeling off the skin from cucumbers if you don’t grow them yourself. They seem to got some vax in their skin. Don’t ever eat the skin of cucumber if you buy it from store. Organic or self grown you can ofcourse eat whole thing.

“Cucumber is one of the top foods for me in the world anyway.” -David Wolfe
“Cucumber plus sunflower seed fast with water for 3 weeks heals from a number of different conditions.” -David Wolfe

Get proper amounts of water and sea salt. Build the water balance up. Get other things, the herbs, the superfoods etc. Eventually the whole chemistry comes up.

One of the most important thing is quality SALT. But supermarkets do not sell quality salt. Get Celtic Sea Salt, propably the best salt around in the world. It has every mineral in it. About 90 different minerals, your table salt has 3 minerals because table salts are poor cheap quality and they are actually BAD for your health. Quality salt is one the most important health promoting things you can have in your diet. You can’t overuse quality salt, because it is good for your system. Normal supermarket salts are really bad for you. Avoid them.
Celtic Sea Salt – “Doctor Recommended Since 1976.”

The end of Q and A Session with David Wolfe and Dr. Joseph Mercola.

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