David Wolfe and Dr. Joseph Mercola Q and A Session – PART TWO

Key information for life! Top experts David Wolfe and Dr. Mercola of the health scene answering to interesting questions in Longevity Now Conference 2010! Here’s the best bits noted from PART TWO!

On thyroid problems use KELP. People say that seaweeds works, but not every seaweed. Dulse for example doesn’t help like Kelp does. For thyroid problems especially good are Maca and Ashwagandha.

Cereal is bad for children. Do not eat grains, or eat them minimally.

For alzhaimer and dementia: Again, get D-Vitamin levels up. Avoid toxins.. Mercury, aluminium and fluoride. Your tap water likely contains fluoride and other toxins – get some water filter and do not drink straight from the tap. Filter it somehow first. The less toxins and poisons – the better.

Get Krill oil, Reishi mushroom, berries, coconut oil – when you take krill oil and coconut oil together they double the effects of each other.
Cacao – very important brain food. Cacao might have some help with MS.

Get the medicinal mushrooms. Reishi comes first, Lion’s Mane second, Chaga third. Medicinal mushrooms also might have some help with MS symptoms.

Stack the odds in your favor… Get to know and explore EFT tapping.

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