David Wolfe Intention & Goals

David Wolfe discusses intention and goals as they apply to diet and life. See how one couple won the lottery by goal setting. Personal development and nutritional health wisdom in the same. Fascinating video clip.

Who is David Wolfe? Author, speaker – one of the world’s top health & nutritional gurus.

Watch David Wolfe Intention & Goals, length 9:57

See how one couple won the lottery after setting ‘winning the lottery’ as their goal & intention.

Interesting video clip about the power of goal setting. Everybody should focus on getting more goals, bigger goals and write them down physically with a pen.

Having a lot of big goals and writing them down is something I recommend for everyone. It can change your life in ways you can’t even imagine.

See David Wolfe talk about goal setting and what kind of goals you should set and what goals David Wolfe himself sets.

“My goal is to have 6000 goals.”

-David Wolfe