Does Vitamin B12 Give You Energy? The Truth About Vitamin B12 Spray

Does vitamin B12 give you energy? Read my experience on the use of vitamin B12 spray. Does vitamin B12 give you energy like they claim?

Does Vitamin B12 Give You Energy The Truth About Vitamin B12 Sprays

B12 spray experiences – does vitamin B12 give you energy?


Does Vitamin B12 give you energy?

After my first experiences of sublingual vitamin B12 spray use I’m sad to say that after taking my first dose of vitamin B12 spray I didn’t feel anything special. After second and third spray the effect wasn’t more pronounced. After about 15 minutes I got very tired and same thing happened to my friend. Maybe its the increased melatonin production that got me tired? Vitamin B12 works a critical role in melatonin production, melatonin is known as “the sleep hormone”.

Definitely vitamin B12 didn’t give any kind of magic pill like energy spike as I was expecting.


Vitamin B12 spray experiences on longer use

I have stopped drinking coffee now and take vitamin B12 spray in the morning and sometimes afternoon too. On occasion I still drink this organic coffee. Using vitamin B12 spray now only offers a very slight increase in my energy. It’s almost too little to even notice. I would say that effect is considerably lower than on while using a multivitamin B complex which contains all the B vitamins.

It’s the combined effect of many B vitamins that gives awesome effects to your energy levels, not the function of just one vitamin B12. I have experienced this longterm. And after longtime use of vitamin B12 spray it doesn’t anymore make me more sleepy afterwards, just in the beginning. Which might indicate that I used to have B12 deficiency but now its fixed with the regular use of B12 spray.

Using only vitamin B12 to get energy is waste of money. Vitamin B12 offers many wonderful health benefits but selling it as an instant energy source is a bit overstatement. I would recommend vitamin B12 spray only to treat the B12 deficiency, which may lead to devastating health problems such as blindness, anemia and depression.


Then what works for more energy?

Use complex of all B vitamins. My personal experience is that this gives steady energy throughout the day. I can say this with certainty because I have used vitamin B complex already for many years (of course you need some time-off every now and then for example 2 weeks on and 2 weeks off).

One reason to get vitamin B12 spray is if you suspect you might not absorb the vitamin B12. Some reasons for this might be low amounts of gastric acid, use of antacid and acid blocking drugs (especially proton-pump inhibitors). B12 spray under the tongue absorbs straight into bloodstream so spray indeed absorbs way better than B12 supplements taken via digestive system. And vitamin B12 spray is so cheap so there is nothing to lose.

See yourself does vitamin B12 give you energy, for some it might and for some it might not. Personally B12 alone doesn’t give energy but some people claim it really does. That is why I use 2 different vitamin B products and here is my recommendations.


Recommended vitamin B12 spray and vitamin B complex


Vitamin B12 spray
Pure Advantage, B-12, 500 mcg Spray, 1 fl oz iHerb $11.54 | Amazon $14.99

Pure Advantage B12 spray is B12 as in methylcobalamin form, which is the most safe and bioavailable B12 form. Includes 175 doses of 500 mcg B12. High quality product, great recommendation, will order again.

Vitamin B complex
Garden of Life, Vitamin Code, Raw B-Complex, 60 Veggie Caps iHerb $14.37 | Amazon $14.10

Garden of Life all natural vitamin B complex is great because on top of all B vitamins every capsule includes raw probiotic and enzyme blend and also blend of raw organic fruit and vegetables, which may in itself help you a lot with energy and probiotics are essential to make you absorb the vitamins better.

Does Vitamin B12 Give You Energy Recommended vitamin B12 spray and B vitamin complex

High quality Vitamin B12 spray and vitamin B complex

Try and see how they work for you, you may want to try both of these quite inexpensive products. With sufficient vitamin B12 amounts you might just sleep your nights a lot better because vitamin B12 is crucial in melatonin the sleep hormone production and you will treat the vitamin B12 deficiency which may lead to very devastating health conditions.

Invest to your health either via iHerb or Amazon. From iHerb first time customers will get $10 discount for order that totals over $40. If you want to take advantage of this discount then click here to see iHerb order example I myself have ordered, includes B12 spray and few other great products.