Easy And Healthy Breakfast

Healthy breakfast is one of the most important things in life. If you want to lose weight Tim Ferris recommends 30 g of protein upon 30 minutes of waking up. Here is how to get the first 20 grams easy and fast way. My easy to do and healthy breakfast is filled with Chia seeds, raw plant-based protein and green powder with superfoods. Perfect for vegan or if you want to avoid the excess cholesterol of eggs.

Eggs can be a healthy breakfast but after some time you long for some variety. This breakfast contains about 20 g of protein and is very easy and fast to make and offers very good nutritional balance for any age people.

Emerald Balance makes even the taste very good, minty & sweet. If you want to add more calories or fat I recommend using coconut oil as an additive.

Easy And Healthy Breakfast Recipe

1 scoop of Sun Warrior Natural Raw Plant-Based Protein Warrior Blend:
Sun warrior protein is a vegetable protein source from three different plants: pea, cranberry and hemp.

Sun Warrior Natural Raw Plant-Based Protein Warrior Blend from iHerb.com

2 tablespoons of Chia seeds:
Chia seeds are excellent source of protein (contains 20% protein and has all the amino acids) and dietary fibre. Chia seeds are also wonderful source of omega 3 ALA fatty acids. Chia is food for healthy skin, hair and nails and also has a positive balancing impact to blood glucose levels making it good for diabetics. Soaked Chia seeds add a nice gel like touch to the breakfast.

You can get chia seeds from iHerb.com

1 tablespoon of Emerald balance – Total Nutrition Drink Mix:
Emerald Balance is my absolute favorite yummy green powder with many superfoods and alkalizing greens (contains 43 ingredients!). It adds sweetness and enjoyable minty taste. It is so good that I can eat it straight from the pack without any problems and get incredibly energized in the process. If I could gift everyone one product from iHerb this would be my number one choice.

Emerald balance – Total Nutrition Drink Mix from iHerb.com

Here’s how the final healthy breakfast looks:

My healthy breakfast

Victoria’s Secret supermodel Miranda Kerr is a health enthusiast who also uses frequently Sun Warrior proteins and Chia seeds. She loves to add Chia seeds to sheeps milk yoghurt in the morning and uses it also in fruit smoothies.
miranda kerr
Victoria’s Secret model Miranda Kerr picture source