Eben Pagan’s(David De Angelo) Green Drink

In this video Eben Pagan makes a green drink.

Eben Pagan’s green drink contains:

Mix of high nutrient greens:
Red kale
Red chard
Collard greens
Baby Bok Choy

For sweetening:
Xylitol, Eben used this product in the video
Strawberry flavor extract, here’s one for recommendation

ClearVite protein powder (he said he would rather put a more quality protein Sun Warrior raw vegan protein powder in there if the package would be open, he uses that ClearVite in the video because its open)

A Spirulina, wheatgrass etc blend, Healthforce Vitamineral Green, Eben used this one in the video.

Another great alternative I’ve used as greens powder for smoothie: Midori Greens. It includes for example: marine phytoplankton, chlorella, japanese matcha green tea, beet juice powder and a lot more amazing ingredients!

Eben used also Flax oil, Eben used this product. But there is better quality product on Flax oil here. Glass bottle and contains a lot more good ingredients.

Eben Pagan’s(David De Angelo) Green Drink
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Eben Pagan aka David De Angelo