Experiences on the Benefits of Meditation

Meditation isn’t anymore something that only hippies do. Actually the most successful people on the planet are now advocates of meditation, starting from rock stars and pop stars to supermodels and Fortune 500 CEO’s. See the unconventional benefits of meditation.

Benefits of meditation

Talking about Fortune 500 CEO’s meditating, here is one and he is actually giving out over 1 hour video on meditation on this beautiful Hawaii beach setting.

“Meditation is one of the elite level habits that successful people have.”

-Owen Cook aka RSD Tyler

In this video Owen Cook or as many know him as Tyler from Real Social Dynamics is talking about meditation, I highly recommend you to watch this whole video if you are interested on the topic of meditation. Tyler has meditated 20 minutes a day for over 6 years straight.

Tyler and his company Real Social Dynamics have become worldwide famous through their products like Blueprint Decoded, which offers cutting edge material on self-actualization which is regarded as a life changing information to know about. I myself regard Blueprint as something that changed my life the most.

Blueprint and RSD is geared more towards men but now more and more women are into the RSD material as they teach life & success lessons which are just too valuable to pass by. Whether you’re woman or man you wish your partner would know about RSD… Like many people say about RSD: “I wish they had teached this in schools.”

Some people regards this meditation video by Tyler to be the most life changing 1 hour of your life. Tyler describes the benefits of meditation extensively and guides you to know how to meditate.

In Tyler’s meditation video he teaches you to meditate eyes open but I myself meditate eyes closed as I feel more comfortable that way. Tyler meditates eyes open for his own purposes, for example so that he will be more unreactive and unfazed to the stuff he encounters in his day-to-day life. But like he emphasizes, you can meditate the way you want, it’s not important to copy him and do it exactly like him.

My experiences on benefits of meditation

One really successful person who promotes the heck out of meditation is Russell Simmons(check Wikipedia and see the net worth!), you can read the book Do You! and Super Rich where he explains how to do it. Both of those are available on Kindle also. One Do You! reviewer says “This is the real The Secret!”.

Tyler highly recommends these books and he says that he has met Russell Simmons in real life and says “he is a pimp, gangster, makes tons of money and fucks extremely hot women and has incredible frame control, so check out Russell Simmons’s stuff – in his book he just seems so positive but when you see him in real life he is pretty big gangster actually. The vibe you’ll get off from him is pretty strong.”

And as another Russell – Russell Brand, the English comedian said:

“Meditation has been incredibly valuable to me both in my recovery as a drug addict and in my personal life, my marriage, my professional life. I literally had an idea drop into my brain the other day while I was meditating which I think is worth millions of dollars.”

I personally experience similar things in every meditation session. Something valuable always drops into my mind – without even trying.

When I am scattered in my mind, working on multiple projects and not sure where to start… I always go to meditate for 20 minutes and everything solves. No more stress. Meditation is literally like a magic pill to stress and scattered mind.

Unconventional benefits of meditation

Like Tyler said in his meditation video, meditation can make you very present and good with people. This I see instantly happening – whenever going out after meditation I see completely different kind of reactions from people, in a positive way different reactions.

People react more to you, because you are this present person, you are more confident and in the moment. You can compare it to for example if you ever see monks around, you can see that they are really present and they have this glow that gets everyone reacting to them. It’s almost as if they are higher status people than the others. The vibe you’ll get off from meditators is pretty strong.

This is one of the reasons why Tyler talks meditation in regards to getting better with women, as its indeed like a magic pill to that also. What women value most in a guy? Confidence and presence. Meditation offers both of those INSTANTLY.

And if you thought that what women value most in a guy is looks and money… Then listen more to that Tyler guy and get his Blueprint and literally change your life.

Lastly, meditate and take no days off. Create life long habit of meditating 20 minutes a day, every single day. You do have time, the only thing that is stopping you is your own excuses.