Fish Oil

Many Hollywood celebrities counts Fish Oil as one of their beauty secrets.

Fish oil is particularly good for skin care. Fish oil helps in improving the condition of poor and dry skin by making it more shiny and glowing. It has been said to helps against psoriasis and acne for example. That’s one of the reasons why it has a reputation of being Hollywood celebrities beauty secret.

Fish oil has also huge number of different health benefits. The list of positive things fish oil makes to health is so impressing that when I read it I’m wondering why every people from the planet aren’t getting quality Fish oils in their diet.

Fish oil is good in weight loss. There was made study at the University of South Australia. Participants who were given fish oil diet showed greater weight loss as compared to those who did not consume fish oil diet. There was made conclusion that fish oil improves the effiency of exercise.

If you know any pregnant women, get them to take high quality fish oil. Why? Because Omega-3 fatty acids, which are found in fish oil protects against fetal brain injury and promotes fetal and infant brain health. It helps in the development brain of the baby. There’s countless studies showing how kids whose mom took fish oil supplements during pregnancy are smarter than those whose mom’s did not get fish oil. Fish oil also improves avoiding premature births, low weight of born baby, and miscarriage.

Many studies report possible anti-cancer effects of nāˆ’3 fatty acids found in fish oil, particularly breast, colon and prostate cancer. Sources: 1, 2, 3

Fish oil has a strong image as a hearth health promoting food. There is also evidence that fish oil may have a beneficial effect on some forms of cardiac dysrhythmia.

Last but not least I mention that Fish oil is great for your mental health, a strong mood lifter. Studies show it decreases depression, even schizophrenia patients shows progress in tests. In the test after taking fish oil supplements, schizophrenic participants in the study experienced progress compared to others who were given a placebo. So it’s not just a placebo effect!

Fish oil is literally like a magic pill, which helps in a number of problems most humans face in their life.