Get Higher Energy and Better Mood with Functional Beverages

Functional beverages are a mixture of high quality, organic herbs/superfoods that have a unique concentration of nutrients that synergize together to boost potential.

I highly encourage everyone to check these out. These functional beverages are the best stuff I’ve ever found to get higher energy and better mood, instantly and in a very easy to use package.

From these you can make hot instant drinks or for example mix these in to smoothies to make a uniquely energy boosting blend.



USDA Organic instant coffee alone doesn’t sound so great, but in this organic instant coffee there has been added highly energizing medicinal mushrooms called Reishi and Cordyceps.

Personally I have replaced all coffee drinking with this instant mushroom coffee. From my experience this is the best tasting coffee I’ve ever had.

I probably couldn’t continue drinking the “standard” coffee ever after this. I have even said “Once you go CafeCeps, you go never back.” and it still amazes me to say this from instant coffee.. Normally instant coffees aren’t tasty at all, but this isn’t the case with CafeCeps.

I have made few articles about CafeCeps, to get a deeper analysis of it you can check them out here and here.

Cordyceps mushroom is highly used among professional athletes to gain the extra energy and endurance to push better. Mushrooms taste isn’t noticed in the coffee, but the effects are seen on higher energy and from the fact that mushrooms softens the coffees taste, making this coffee viable for people whom normal coffee gives stomach problems.

Also no more the energy crash after drinking coffee and getting the energy spike just for a moment.. Coffee with mushrooms gives steady longterm energy to perform well.

Cordyceps Reishi organic coffee or sugary energy drink to take in the afternoon? To me choice is pretty obvious and easy… This small package is easy to take even on the workplace.

Highly recommended. From CafeCeps I’ve heard the most positive feedback from people, and compared to the regular Starbucks the price is absolutely shocking when you compare what you actually get!

Madre Labs, CafeCeps, Instant Organic Coffee Beverage, 3.52 oz (100 g), Stay Fresh Re-Sealable Pak!

Madre Labs CafeCeps instant mushroom coffee functional beverages



Same like CafeCeps – but the coffee has been replaced with the raw organic cocoa. CocoCeps is no doubt the highest quality cocoa product I’ve ever faced.

Personally from this I usually make hot cocoa, mix with tablespoon or few of honey and the taste is absolute heavenly! This is probably the tastiest way to get higher energy every evening.

Sometimes I also use CocoCeps in smoothies to make that chocolate smoothie with super healthy energizing medicinal mushrooms in the mix!

To see CocoCeps review of mine, go here.

I recommend this highly for everyone who loves cocoa drinks or for people who doesn’t drink coffee. CocoCeps might actually be the best coffee substitute ever!

Madre Labs, CocoCeps, Instant Organic Dark Cocoa Beverage, 7.93 oz (225 g), Stay-Fresh Re-Sealable Pak!

CocoCeps instant cocoa with mushrooms



CocoCardio is a mix of raw organic cocoa powder with beetroot powder and hibiscus extract. From anything else I have never got higher energy boost than from this. If you want higher energy, this is the “magic pill” for that.

This is a real serotonin mood lifter drink which gives steady long-term energy for the day. Cocoa itself has serotonin in it, and beetroot naturally enhances serotonin production in our brains.

This one doesn’t exactly taste too good at start, it’s actually pretty bitter.. But it’s not a surprise when you look that it has raw cocoa and beetroot powders. But to the bitter taste I’ve got used to because I just cannot pass the great effects I see from this product.

Also from CocoCardio I’ve made a review post, which you can see here.

From CocoCardio you can make hot cocoa drink, which can be sweetened so that it tastes better. Or the other option is to mix this in the smoothies for better mood and higher energy giving factors.

For extremely rich and aromatic taste I recommend to try this in a hot cocoa form. The drinks color is actually little bit red like from the beetroot and hibiscus.

Madre Labs, CocoCardio, 7.93 oz (225 g), Stay Fresh Re-Sealable Pak!

better mood with CocoCardio beetroot hibiscus cocoa drink


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These 3 products CafeCeps, CocoCeps and CocoCardio definitely are my favorite products from iHerb.

I have gotten addicted to these, once you see the energy level that these functional beverages gives… There is no way back. But I’m glad it’s a healthy addiction, being addicted to something like this will actually skyrocket the quality of life/health, contrary to the other stuff like energy drinks etc…

Nowadays I even travel with these, so easy to take on the go. And all of these functional beverages have just the perfect combination of immunity boosting factors, which is always great for travelling when your immunity is exposed to new unfamiliar factors. I haven’t actually ever got sick when I have had any of these on regular use, all 3 of these are extremely high on antioxidants and medicinal mushrooms are well-known for their immunity boosting factors.

Try the one that sounded best for you, or try them all and see what you like the best!


CocoCeps mixed with CafeCeps is the combination I love!
Get Higher Energy and Better Mood with Functional Beverages