Hibiscus Flower Plant and The Health Benefits

Hibiscus is known to have several healthy benefits. Egyptian Pharaohs has been said to drink hibiscus tea to stay ‘cool’.

See the powerful benefits of Hibiscus. You may use Hibiscus as a tea, or as a extract form. Hibiscus is used in Chinese herbalism, and that is always a good sign of the potential of the herb.

What is Hibiscus? Hibiscus is from the mallow family, a flower plant. Hibiscus grows in tropical warm regions of the world. Red Hibiscus tea has hitted the health scene lately, although it has been used as a medicine long times traditionally. Red Hibiscus tea is often made from the hibiscus sabdariffa flower.

Hibiscus Flower Plant
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About Hibiscus and what are the health benefits of hibiscus?

Promote a healthful heart.

Study by USDA in 2008 shows that Hibiscus tea or extract lowers blood pressure. Test was done the way that other people used the real deal hibiscus and others placebo, and only the hibiscus user group got these results.

Contains a huge number of antioxidants which helps to fight against cell-damaging free radicals.

Used as a aid and cure on cough, hair loss and hair greying. For this hair treatment you must get hibiscus oil and then rub it in the head. There is also hibiscus shampoos and conditioners for this.

Helps maintain healthy body temperatures. Egyptian Pharaohs has been said to drink hibiscus tea to stay ‘cool’.

Boosts the effectiveness of vitamin C absorbtion. Hibiscus also contains a lot vitamin C and minerals.

Promotes cardiac and nervous system health.

Traditional cure for nervous restlessness and in occasional difficulty of sleeping.

Aids in weight control challenges.

Helps support memory and concentration.

Supports and boosts the immune system.

Hibiscus tee may lower cholesterol.

How and where to get Hibiscus in your diet? I have been consuming Hibiscus with my hot cocoa drink. And with Dr. Mercola’s Hibiscus product from below and with the Rosehip Hibiscus tea from below also.

Where to buy Hibiscus? You can find Hibiscus tea from any respectable natural healthstore. There is also Hibiscus product category on iHerb.com, which is amongst the most popular online natural healthstores.

Or alternatively you can get hibiscus from Amazon.com.

This Dr. Mercola’s Novel Tea, 100% Organic Hibiscus Extract is a very cool and easy to use product.

Mercola is the real deal when it comes to products quality – this is a great Hibiscus product to prepare a healthy Hibiscus drink in seconds.

Cool drink which tastes great and is refreshing. Gives great energy boost to me.

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hibiscus mercola

I highly recommend you to get the Rosehip Hibisus tea. One of the tastiest teas in my opinion, the flavor is so rich tasting, with deep red color. Fantastic tea which I will always reorder!

This Hibiscus tea is one of my favorites of all teas in the world:
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Hibiscus Flower Plant and The Health Benefits of hibiscus tea online

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