How To Become Miserable Loser

Ever wondered how to become miserable loser? Read on and discover secrets of being loser in life..

Bitch and whine about everything

Never focus on positive things in your life. Just whine about everything that sucks in your life. Believe that there is no such a thing like “Law of attraction” and if there is it doesn’t work. Just whine and complain how your life sucks all the time. Magically you have life that SUCKS. Like you can see law of attraction does “not” work.

Never travel
Never leave your house. Don’t go to new places, stay in your old safe zone. Never move to another area, born and die in same place. It’s dangerous out there. Don’t talk to strangers ever. Do I even need to mention travelling to other countries, you should stay on same country whole life. Keep same habits, actions and never change or do something new.

Never get sunlight

Avoid sunlight at all cost, believe it will give you skin cancer. If you must exposure your self to sun, make sure you put your skin full of sunblock to avoid those UVB rays so you don’t accidentally get any Vitamin D, so that you can keep feeling bad all the time. Prefer staying inside whole your miserable life.

Make sure your food comes from factory

Make sure you don’t ever put anything that comes from nature to your mouth. Everything you eat should come straight from factory. Eat only processed foods. Try to find foods that has a lot E-codes, Aspartame and Msg. Make sure you don’t get any vitamins or minerals from your food. Never put original whole foods to your mouth. Do I even need to mention organic vegetables, avoid at all cost. To make it absolute sure visit fast food restaurants regularly.

Follow others
DON’T make your own plans or goals, just follow others. Live on others expectations. Never follow your own passion and don’t try to discover it. Get a job you hate, and make big corporations richer. While spending your pennies buying shit that you don’t need. Follow the masses. Buy what TV tells you to buy. “it’s just only $99,99 off from your credit card now, don’t think months ahead.”

Watch TV at least 4 hours day

Sit and watch your magic box, let the marketers make your thoughts and ideas. Don’t think yourself, truth comes from television. Watch every mainstream news you can and see how world just sucks murders, accidents, economy crisis, and remember to feel bad about it. If there magically is something positive, just ignore it. Believe everything that box says to you. Be nice mindless customer. Don’t ask any questions. Buy everything that they offer to you, and make sure you never make any research about it.

Don’t have any goals
Loser does not need goals, just sit at your house and feel bad about yourself. Never plan ahead just keep doing what you are doing rest of your life. Never take any action which would improve your life. Don’t even think about reading books like Think and Grow Rich. Never move your body or do exercise. Goals are for winners, if you want to be loser then don’t make any goals.

Never study anything
Never make your own research, or test things out yourself. Follow the marketers. They know what you need to buy and do. Never question anything. World is miserable place and you need antidepressants. Don’t believe anything else.

I honestly believe if you do even some of these you are on path become nice miserable loser in life. IF you want to become winner in life instead of loser you should read my guide to becoming winner in life.