How To Become Winner

How to become winner in life..? What you need to start doing today to achieve long-term success in life.

Take action
If there is something that sucks in your life don’t whine, take action. Whining will not take you anywhere at all. Don’t just wish that your life will change someday, change it. Start doing it today. Make choice what you want, and start NOW. Success is daily action, little changes everyday will yield huge results in just one year. You can do anything you want, if you start doing it. Keep that main vision in your mind, and enjoy small victories in the way.

Nothing changes if nothing changes.

Find long-term solutions
If you want to get FIT don’t look for 7 MINUTE ABS, magic-drink that make you lose fat or some other bullshit. You end up spending your money and time for bullshit that does not work.
Even if they worked, you would become fat soon again. There is no magic pill on real success. If you want to lose weight EAT HEALTHY AND EXERCISE. Don’t spend months for looking for magic solution. Find real long-term solution like this instead of magic pill. You don’t want to get fit, you want long-term health. It’s about becoming the person you want to become, not about getting the things you want.

If you are lonely loser sitting in your house. There is no faster way to change your life than going to travel. You will learn more about life in 1 month travelling in Asia than in 20 years of sitting your house playing warcraft. You might think it’s risk to go travelling.. No the risk is that you might waste next 20 years playing games. If you are not deeply satisfied with your life, then make changes. Travelling is perfect way to open your eyes from your current life-style. Give up your current lifestyle, go to see what life has to offer.

Eat Real food
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Everybody know this.. You can not have real success in life without health. Most important thing for health is to eat good food. Stay away from processed foods, artificial sweeteners and msg. Basic stuff for winners. Eat organic green vegetables, quality meat and so on. Check this if you want to learn what to eat.

Increase knowledge
Surround yourself with good information. Get books like: The Magic of Thinking Big, New Psycho-Cybernetics, Ask and It Is Given. Get addicted to good information. Books, videos seminar, good blogs. Replace television with good seminars or great YouTube videos. Replace radio with success audio tapes like: Born To Win or what ever you want to learn. You eat everyday, so get good information in everyday too.

How law of attraction works
Success is daily habits and rituals. Most people just won’t get it, they hope for better future. “..I wish that I win lottery.. things will get better..” Years go by and they do nothing. They don’t get how law of attraction really works: You attract what you are, NOT what you want.

If you want to become rich, you must BE rich. More precisely: Act like rich.
How that person thinks?
What daily habits does your dream person has?
What you need to learn today to become like him?
How you could start act like him today?
And so on..

Then you start to make changes to your behavior to become like him. Keep the intention and you will get closer and closer everyday. And it will happen faster and faster everyday. You will get better and better everyday. Thats how IT WORKS.

You need to get that success is self-sustainable thing like failure. When you get habit of improving yourself success will happen automatically.

Stop wishing and start acting. Happiness is not money or things you get. Lottery winners go broke in average 5 years. Because they did not BECOME rich. They still had their poor habits and thinking. Instead of wishing lottery win, develop habits of millionaire and you will be rich always.

Today everybody can get tools for achieving anything that they can think. Just have VISION what you really want. And then start take small steps towards it TODAY.

That’s how to become winner.

Remember real happiness is who you become not the things you get.

“If you give up within the first year, that’s trying. If you won’t give up even after 20 years, that’s doing.” – Steve Pavlina

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