10 Ways to Eliminate Pain and Suffering from Your Life

From my personal experiences these nutritional approaches has helped me dramatically to eliminate any pain and suffering from my life.

Apart from nutrition – meditation, yoga and exercise might be the most effective ways to get you relaxed and out of tension / pain but you might also want to check these nutritional approaches:

1. Eat enough protein

Eat enough protein, I recommend at least 1,5 g to 2,0 g per bodyweight in kilograms. If you want easy to use good tasting source and as natural protein product as possible, I recommend whey protein concentrate. That’s the best and highest quality protein supplement I’ve ever used.

Natural Whey protein(concentrate) is absolutely the best and the only protein supplement you’ll ever need. I can’t praise Whey protein enough. I recommend to listen what pharmacist Ben Fuchs says about Whey protein in this Youtube video. I’m every time so AMAZED to hear all that, definitely high quality Whey protein is like a miracle food.


2. Vitamin D

Get supplemented in vitamin D. I don’t even begin to list the benefits, it should be so clear nowadays that if you aren’t getting enough vitamin D you are missing a lot.


3. Try MSM supplement

Consider MSM to increase flexibility and eliminate pain. Nothing works for me like MSM, if I have neck and back pains from over-training and not eating enough lately.


4. Achieve higher quality sleep with Tryptophan

After you are well nourished in protein consider Tryptophan supplementation before sleeping. Tryptophan metabolizes into serotonin, melatonin and dimethyltryptamine (DMT) and might help with feeling good, mood, sleeping well and even in spiritual experiences.

I recommend Protocol for Life Balance, L-Tryptophan, 500 mg, 120 Vcaps  (cheapest option) or Thorne Research, L-Tryptophan, 60 Veggie Caps.


5. Green superfood powders

Add green superfood powders to your diet. When I ingested these for the first time the effect was much like taking some drug, I got high and feeling good and wanted immediately more and more of these. I was obviously deficient in some of the nutrients these powders provided and the body responded wanting it more and more. As time have passed the effect has normalized a bit by now after one month and I only consume these occasionally.

So it’s not that you have to consume green powders all the time if you don’t want. Although these make you feel so good and alert that you’ll want keep on using them. They’ll also help with controlling appetite.

I recommend following great tasting greens superfood powders Sun Warrior Ormus Supergreens and Emerald Balance – both very sweet tasting because they’re sweetened with Stevia plant. If you dont want sweetened greens superfood powder then I recommend Midori Greens.


6. Probiotics

Add some good Probiotics to your diet or supplement them – Your gut is connected to your brain and has direct effect on your emotional states.


7. Get the healthiest oils in your everyday diet

Add good amounts of oils into your diet. I recommend olive oil, fish oil and especially high quality coconut oil. I always feel better, have more energy and have better mental functioning after I have taken oils in the previous night.


8. You might need magnesium supplementation

Consider magnesium supplementation. Magnesium deficiency is epidemic in the United States, with the majority of Americans unknowingly deficient. With modern diet people do not get enough magnesium.

Magnesium deficiency is connected to lead to basically every disease and health problem known to man. Magnesium is good for your sleep and helps heart to function more easily.


9. More energy with Vitamin B

Supplement vitamin B – its excellent way to gain more energy and works like wonder to me. For many people Vitamin B deficiency might be the key reason behind the lack of energy and Vitamin B supplement is advised now by the many experts.


10. Get more fresh air

Get some fresh air everyday! When out in fresh air you will instantly feel better and get more oxygenated.

Start to regularly go out in the fresh air and exhale multiple times deep to the stomach area and you’ll see dramatic changes in your overall energy and well-being.


Other recommendations

When it comes to overall life enhancement I recommend everyone to take a look on Maca superfood and medicinal mushrooms.

These adaptogens are one of the best things you could get on your everyday diet. Whether you need to tune down and relax, have more energy and focus, deal with stress – these adaptogens will do it all for you. They will adapt your body to the state which you need at any given time.


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