How To Hydrate Yourself – Most People Don’t Know How To Get Hydrated Properly

You should drink daily approximately 3 litres of water for most optimal longevity and wellbeing. Proper hydration is crucial for weight loss also. For some people drinking litres of liquid daily is a hard task to perform. I’m going to introduce here some of the ways to drink liquid daily. I rarely even drink water as a water, but still get approx 3 litres per day easily consumed. How to hydrate yourself?

Coconut Water

coconut water for hydration
Coconut water is well-known as a best liquid for hydration.

Coconut water beats all of the commercial sport drinks 100-0 in nutrition, naturalness and hydration.

If you ever need a sports drink, get coconut water. With supermarket sportdrinks you get a lot artificial sweeteners, artificial colorings – the stuff which you should really avoid.

Once in a while it’s good to drink coconut water. Coconut water is one of the best all natural one ingredient drinks.

Coconut water is also one of the best hangover preventers from my experience, it has everything your body needs to give your body back the minerals and hydration. Highly recommend to get few of coconut waters in your fridge and pop it right after drinking night before going to sleep.

There’s basically no limit on how much coconut water you can consume per day. Some people still might have the misconception of coconuts being unhealthy, they’re not unhealthy in any shape or form.

The truth is that coconuts in any shape is one of the most healthy thing in this planet. Quite frankly, if someone says to you otherwise – they are obviously under the misconception.

Coconut water illustrates the beauty of one ingredient.

Nothing beats the real coconut and drinking straight from it, but you’re not always on exotic countries where they are really good, fresh and dirt cheap! So you might need to consider taking coconut water products into your regimen.

Even the Hollywood stars and celebrities praise coconut water and claim it to be their top beauty secret. For example Rihanna’s favorite coconut water is Vita Coco, which is Rihanna’s secret to stay hydrated while on stage performing. See the Youtube video of Rihanna talking about Vita Coco coconut water.

You can get Rihanna’s favorite Vita Coco coconut waters from iHerb:

Or you can get coconut water from too.

Best coconut waters to get straight to your home:

Vita Coco, 100% Pure Coconut Water, 11.1 fl oz (330 ml)
Vita Coco, 100% Pure Coconut Water, 17 fl oz (500 ml)
Naked, 100% Coconut Water, 11.2 fl oz (330 ml)
Edward & Sons, Nature Factor, Organic Young Coconut Water, 10 fl oz (300 ml)
Vita Coco, Coconut Water, With Acai & Pomegranate, 17 fl oz (500 ml)

I myself like the Vita Coco as the best coconut water for hydration, which you can see below from my picture. Fresh natural great taste! It’s so delicious. Best post-workout drink or morning starter!

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Coconut water


Chaga mushroom

Wild Chaga mushroom

Chaga and Reishi Tea
I Drink atleast 1 litre of wild self-harvested chaga tea everyday. Once in a while I also do Reishi tea from Reishi powder, which I get from local store. If you can’t self-harvest wild medicinal mushrooms, get those Madre Labs products below to have medicinal mushrooms in your daily drinks.

Green Tea
I also drink green tea approximately 1 litre everyday. It’s good to have a wide mix of different beverages to drink. The more variety the better. That is the reason I recommend Madre Labs cocoa beverage products below. Check also Kava Tea. The natural alternative to alcohol. Kava herb is highly relaxing and has similar effects like alcohol, without negative side-effects(see more info on Kava).

Madre Labs CocoCardio
Tasty cocoa beverages are easy to drink all day long. CocoCardio includes raw cocoa powder, beetroot powder and also hibiscus extract, making it unbelievable energizing and healthy. I get fantastic and long-lasting energy spike out of this beverage. Warning: this product is naturally quite bitter tasting, so I recommend sweetening with honey/stevia.

Madre Labs CocoCeps
CocoCeps is the same as the known CafeCeps, but coffee is replaced by the cocoa. With Reishi & Cordyceps medicinal mushrooms in the mix with 100% raw cocoa I can say that it’s the best cocoa drink in the world. I like to drink these tasty and healthy no fat creating chocolate drinks all day long. I sweeten CocoCeps hot cocoa with spoon of honey which makes it taste heavenly.


Filtered Purified Water / Spring Water, Check If You Have Spring Nearby
Check out if you have spring near you. Here is good website to check that, worldwide.

What is spring water? Water which is harvested from a natural spring. Natural spring water contains a beneficial level of minerals and is bottled directly at the source where it’s pulping out. If you live near spring get big glass jars and replace all your tap drinking water to the best possible natural spring water. Spring water is the purest and most natural source of real high quality water.

Your tap water is full of chemicals and other stuff which doesn’t belong in to your drinking water. Like fluoride, arsenic – both highly deadly poisons. Why there is deadly poisons in your drinking water? I’m wondering the same.

If you have some mysterious health problems you haven’t yet figured out, it might come from your tap water.

I recommend you to start study more about regular tap water and start to get some alternatives. At least you should get water filter / water purifier where you filter your tap water before drinking it.