How to Reduce Tummy Fat

How to reduce tummy fat, it might seem hard. But it doesn’t need to be hard and it isn’t very hard. You just have to do it the right way.

First I will mention that you won’t reduce tummy fat with exercise. Yes it helps, but it doesn’t play a major role in how to reduce tummy fat.

I like to think that it is 90% of the food you eat, not dieting. The foods you eat all the time. Everyday. I repeat this is not about some 2 months diet. And 5% of exercise. The other 5% is your thoughts. That’s what it comes down to.

Isn’t it a relief that it’s not about exercise? I don’t like sweating away my tummy fat either, I’d rather prefer to eat my way to perfect tummy.

Don’t get me wrong though, how to reduce tummy fat is not about being hungry or eating foods that taste like “healthy” aka not good tasting food.


One day I said to myself, that this has got to change


I’ll be honest here. I used to be a huge nerd, I played online games all the time and got really big tummy fat and big belly in the process of many years.

One day it hitted me and I said to myself, that this has got to change. And I stopped all online games and started living real life. In just 2 months of focusing on what to eat for proper energy and wellbeing I reduced most of my tummy fat. Zero days of being on hunger.

Now I am in the point of under 10% body fat percentage(9.6% to be precise, in my last measurement – 2 months ago I was at whopping 18.9% – this stuff really works *update: after 3 months i’m at 9.0% body fat percentage by following all this I write about in this article) and gaining muscles on top of lean fit body. I don’t have tummy fat anymore, and neither should you – should you eat the right way. Which I am going to demonstrate soon.

How to Reduce Tummy Fat being fit is a lifestyle, not a diet

How to reduce tummy fat. How did I do it? Well first of all I needed to cut all the crap out of my eating.

Throw all white sugar out of the house. All artificial sweeteners out. Bread and especially white bread out.

Eat as little as possible pasta and potatoes, because they turn into sugar in your tummy and then they transform into fat which storages onto your lower tummy. And you do not want that. How to lose tummy fat? Well it’s not traditionally done with pasta and potatoes, remember that.

It’s ok to eat some grains, like rice once in a while and once in a while some good bread with real butter.

Note, do not ever use margarines. They only make you more fat and wreck your health. This has been scientifically studied so do not believe the hype. By now you shouldn’t ever put margarine in your body. If you are still doing it… Go throw all margarines in the junk box, because that’s where it belongs.

How to reduce tummy fat? Not with margarines! Instead, get some real butter. Preferably from grass-fed and organic.


First you must get all bad stuff out before any change will occur


Stop drinking sodas, especially “zero-calories” sodas, because the aspartame and other artificial sweeteners have been studied to make you more fat than sugar.

So rather drink normal sugar soda, but still don’t even do that. Remember, you are looking for a solution on how to reduce tummy fat. And sugar plays no part in it.

How to Reduce Tummy Fat I have to change
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Now that we have cut down the white sugar, white flour and most grains and pastas and toxic hydrogenated oils like margarines.. We will look onto what to eat to reduce your tummy fat.

First of all you have to realize that you must get high nutrient foods which are low in bad carbs.

Like eggs, broccoli, tomatoes, avocado, eggplant, cucumber. Nuts walnuts, cashews. Spices like cayenne, turmeric which are always listed on the how to reduce tummy fat articles.


You must get superfoods in your everyday “diet”


Again it’s not a diet, your eating should be a lifestyle. Not a diet which you do only for some period only to go back to the old same and gaining the tummy back again. That’s not how to reduce tummy fat.

I’m all about the lasting lean, fit body. You can have that without any struggle, without any big changes and you can have it always, not only for summertime when you’re motivated to look good on the beaches of the worlds.

This dream body with zero tummy fat you will absolutely have always, if you just do it the right way. Remember, you do not have to make big changes. Read on because I will tell more about this soon to come.

How to Reduce Tummy Fat vegetables and other good foods for reducing of tummy fat

Once I got superfoods like Maca, Chia seeds, raw chocolate powder, Fish oil, vitamin D and exotic berries into my eating habits..

Everything started to change.

When I eat these nutrient dense superfoods, I am not hungry anymore, ever. My system is packed with nutrients and I feel awesome, very energetic. Huge.

Superfoods are huge in weight loss. It’s the key starting point after getting rid of the bad stuff.

Superfoods aren’t exactly something which is bad tasting healthy stuff like you would think. Actually superfoods are one of the tastiest stuff I’ve ever eaten.

Think of stuff like tasty berries. Or think of sweet tasting honey blended into coconut oil and raw chocolate powder. Super tasty.

Once you go into movie you will have a goji berries mixed into some cashew nuts with you and you probably have the coolest and most tastiest food on the whole theater. And soon your friends will be asking you the question how to reduce tummy fat? Because you will be so lean and fit.


It’s not about losing anything


So it’s not about losing anything. You do not have to lose your candies, you just replace them with better candies and healthy snacks.

You do not lose your tasty chocolate, you buy raw chocolate powder, coconut oil and honey and with spoon blend yourself the most tastiest and healthiest chocolate on the earth. In that chocolate you can mix some Maca powder, chia seeds, goji berries, nuts and with that you can start your morning and feel like anticipating that tasty moment! You can even take this kind of snacks into your workplace, everyday.

It’s all about this. You start to convert all the stuff into more quality stuff. What will happen to your tummy fat this way? It will reduce automatically, while you are living a delicious lifestyle. And not only delicious, it’s super healthy.

How about cooking 2 eggs, mixing in handful of broccoli and onion, some quality salt which is Doctor Recommended Since 1976, cayenne and some Sriracha chili sauce to pour on top of it. Then slice some butter(not margarine) pieces on top of it on the plate.

Man, that is a very delicious meal. And unbelievable healthy meal full of proteins and immunity promoting factors. Also it’s fast to cook. And it has ingredients which exactly knows how to reduce tummy fat.

How to Reduce Tummy Fat get broccoli and eat it often

Or think about making a yummy smoothie full of berries and greens, maca, chia seeds and other superfoods. If you like, make it sweet with honey or stevia. Adding in some pinch of quality salt which is Doctor Recommended Since 1976 to help with mineralization.

It’s so good. One of the best things is smoothies. They are fast, fun and tasty. Healthy sure yes, but I like more the tasty stuff – and my life is now tastier than never before.

Also I am healthier, thinner, more energetic and funnier than ever before. This is the way I’ve reduced my tummy fat. I feel strong, charismatic, vibrantly energetic throughout the days.

And I credit the superfoods most of it. They are the energy and life creators in you. Pack your veins with power nutrients and feel the life energy coming alive. Why I stress this point is that it really works from my experience.

How to Reduce Tummy Fat get tasty superfoods in your everyday diet
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How to reduce tummy fat starts all with the eating habits of yours. Then you will have energy and motivation to do some little exercises which will help of course, but it isn’t exactly necessary.


Exercise isn’t exactly necessary


You may do 2 times a week some interval training where you exercise 20 minutes by walking 90 seconds and then for 30 seconds period you spurt as fast as you can, and then back into slow walking mode for 90 seconds.

Then you repeat this 8 times for the best possible fat loss and muscle gain. Only do it 20 minutes max, and 2 times a week max. This is the best and most fun exercise for tummy fat loss.

1 hour jogging isn’t effective at all on how reduce tummy fat, you won’t see the results you want with that. Start doing 2 times a week 20 minutes interval training. Running outside or treadmill or doing it on a bicycle.

40 minutes in a week, that is ok. I will do it, sounds fun. Don’t tell me that I am the only one who thinks like this? Hey, you are looking for tips on how to reduce tummy fat, whether it’s for men or for women, you must try interval training. It is the best thing for it, backed up and studied by the fitness experts.


Other thing is your thoughts


You become what you think about. If you think you are fat slob, you are that. But what if you would start to visualize and think about how you are being fit and having lean tummy. Focus on it deeply for couple minutes each day.

Visualizing is a very powerful tool, it works almost in a mystical way.

Arnold Schwarzenegger said he used visualization in creating of his body before he was big. Thoughts are so crucial, do not deny it.

If you think that “I will be fat forever, this tummy fat will never get away from me”… You aren’t helping yourself, you are creating that reality harder with those thoughts. This has been scientifically proofed already, so this is not about some imaginative new age stuff.

You are already on the right track because you are reading how to reduce tummy fat tips from the internet. You definitely have the power inside you to make the right changes and transform your life.

How to Reduce Tummy Fat how to get lean and fit, make yourself look like this with superfoods


How to reduce tummy fat


These kind of actions led me to reducing most of my tummy fat in just 2 months.

What was it again? Eliminate the bad stuffs. Get more good things. Get superfoods. 90% of how to reduce tummy fat is replacing the bad stuff and then eating superfoods and other nutrient dense foods. This how to reduce tummy fat works for men and for women.

Remember to have right thoughts also on top of the right foods.

And even though I say that you don’t really need the exercise part necessarily, well it doesn’t hurt you! Exercise is healthy and gets your blood flowing.

Body is made to move, remember that also. Always when you are feeling like a slob, say to yourself “Body is made to move!” I promise to you it will inspire you.

Do the interval training 2 times a week. You will absolutely see and feel the changes within only month or 2 months.

This is a fast track on how to reduce tummy fat.


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