How to Sleep Better (Notes From David Wolfe Seminar)

David Wolfe explains how to sleep better and what supplements to take to sleep better.

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The Power of Sleep

OK lets talk about good nights sleep. Grounding is the most important thing for good sleep. If you can, don’t use electrical devices while charging, you get blasted by high voltage electrical pollution. Use them with only with battery power if you want to safe yourself from high voltages.We are all suffering from electrical exhaustion. A lot of anxiety is caused by you not being grounded.

Cortisol levels in sleepers

Advanced yogis say according to Wolfe that we need only 11,5 minutes of sleep. It’s only left brain that needs sleep, right brain doesn’t need it. Raw food causes right brain activation which leads to increased wakefullness time.

Inversion and yoga poses might help for back problems. Turning ourselfs upside down helps in many thing. Turning off our adrenalin every night by laying down without pillow. Pillow addiction keeps us adrenalized! Our arm might be the best pillow for us, it keeps our spine right. When you’re sick, your body is essentially communicating to hide, be quiet, sleep, fast, and stay grounded.

“We are electrical beings before we are chemical”. We need to recharge when we sleep. Sleep on the ground floor, sleeping on second floor of wooden building increases change of stroke 40% (electrical pressure coming down). The shape of the bedroom influences the Feng Shui, ie. thoughts there within. Minimize appliances and electronics in the sleeping area, get everything unplugged. Shut off the main power at night (if you can, many people can’t because of refrigerator and freezer).

Bring you mental and emotional workloads in to balance, by using cut off point in the night where you just stop. Use organic natural materials for bedding (unnatural is nonfractal, everything in nature is fractal). Earthing Mattress gives you enough support that you can keep your spine completely straight horizontal. What are you sleeping on? Metal mattress that might work as capacitor? Storing energy like a damn and leaking out.

What’s in conventional mattress because of fire laws that need it to last 30 minutes in USA:Fire retardant chemicals in mattress


At bedtime and before:

1.) Bring light levels down

2.) Avoid eating before sleep

3.) Bring down noise pollution

4.) No sweet or stimulating drinks


What to take to sleep better?

The cascade of sleep chemicals:Tryptophan cascade of sleep chemicals

Tryptophan is by far the best thing to supplement if you need good sleep. It’s a precursor for many important biological molecules like 5HTP, serotonin, melatonin and DMT (Dimethyltryptamine). If you use tryptophan you get natural increases in your serotonin, melatonin and DMT levels. Important thing to notice if you have lactose intolerance: it can cause improper absorption of tryptophan in the intestine leading to low levels of tryptophan in the blood and  leading to depression.  Other benefits of tryptophan supplementation are anti-anxiety, appetite suppressor and anti-depressant effects.

Tryptophan is most heat sensitive amino acid. If you eat all cooked food you might not get all the amino acids, especially tryptophan. Wolfe seems to like taking high doses of tryptophan giving him the relaxed “OMG how we didn’t know about this effect”

Melatonin is a night-hormone which has powerful antioxidant capabilities. Melatonin helps you to sleep and break down bad estrogens. Insomnia especially in old people is bad estrogen accumulation. Get enough tryptophan at the top level before using other metabolites.

Melatonin, 3 mg one hour before bed has been used years without problems. But excessive melatonin use over the years and years might push low other androgens (testosterone/progesterone). 5-HTP is good to supplement but tryptophan far better.

Natural sources of Tryptophan:

Complete uncooked protein superfoods: hemp, goji, rice, bee pollen, micro algae, raw nuts & seeds (very bioavailable, good for people with allergies). Rice protein is hypoallergenic, bee pollen, royal jelly, chlorella, spirulina.

Note: cooking degrades tryptophan

Seeds: Chia seeds, pumpkin seeds, hemp seeds and flax seeds.


L-Theanine is sedative like amino acid that can gross blood-brain barrier. L-Theanine is found in green tea, it improves cognition and makes you sharper.

L-Theanine benefits

GABA ie. Gamma-Aminobutyric acid is mildly sedative chief inhibitory neurotransmitter in the mammalian central nervous system. GABA reduces anxiety, promotes sense of calm and improves restful sleep.

Benefits of GABA (gamma-Aminobutyric acid)


You might want to try inversion with pillow under you buttocks. Wolfe sleeps feet up, on the wall or on the sofa, grounded. Fasting helps to lessen the need to sleep cause eating and sleeping are related.

On the short term raw food is the best cleansing diet. You will learn more about yourself and what your body actually needs by eating only raw food than any book you could read and any diet you could do. You will learn what fiber and calories really are. Fiber (cellulose) helps you clean out bad estrogens, colon cancer and toxicity.

You are stripping away major calorie sources in raw food. Vegetables are negative caloric sources, you eat it and will lose weight. Fruit is calorie source (high glucose), nuts and seeds high fat. Diet high in fruits is not in every case proper for everybody (high in fructose).

Cleansing diet for short term: no sugar, no fat, blast your self full of grass, sprouts, vegetable juices, weed grass juice, seaweed. You are not getting any calories and you detoxify, you are burning off your own glycogen, your own calorie sources. You might be able to go on raw food couple of years but there will come day when you have “nothing left” when you need to shift to more nutrient rich raw food that has calories in it.

Wolfe emphasizes that not everybody can make it on raw plant based calorie sources too long (you might need starchy carbohydrates that are cooked). Raw vegan diet is the best cleansing diet but might not be the best ever in long term due to the limitation in calorie sources. Things you need to get on other sources on raw food diet: DHA, vitamin K2 and vitamin B12.

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