How To Start Making Money Online – Internet Genius Tells You How

Economy is going downhill, but on Internet its complete opposite. Making money online has never been easier. Frank Kern tell his story and how to start making money online. Learn how.

Frank Kern Man-Myth-Legend

He determines himself jokingly as a salesman, he got tired of rejections from door to door selling.
He started as a spammer and realized the power of internet marketing and power of list of people who want to hear something from you.

Internet lifestyle

Is a blessing and curse, after some time you don’t have to do anything. Theres no one saying you to get to work and pushing you. Working, it’s on for Frank Kern all the time because he got hooked to internet marketing.

Frank Kern’s thoughts on the economy

Person A gives person B some money and in return person B gives person A something equal
or greater value for the money than the money received. When you multiply that by abillion you get economy.

Trick to it all is to be B as much as you can / most of the time. Find something equal or greater value you can give to person A’s out there. Trick to find person A’s is to look online, watch the news, read magazines and see what is being solved.

Frank Kern emphasizes doing better job than the other person. He thinks economy is great and wouldn’t change a thing about it. Lately only the value equation got fucked up and that’s the reason for problems lately. Man wants something, then he will buy it. That’s gonna happen till the end of time. If you are good salesman you control the economy period. Thats the name of the game.

What is success according to Frank Kern

When he started his dream was $10k/month. He went from zero to $17k/month at his real first month online and it grew pretty substantially from there. He tells that not having to go to work is usually the first goal with people.

Frank Kern’s keys to success

He gives two commandments:

1. I shall not fuck around
Most people spend time reading forums, buying products and not doing anything just fucking around. He surveys customers and his clients and has found that 70% has not even a website, business or product even though they have bought everything. Clearly they just fucking around.

It says clearly in every product they have bought that “here’s how to get a website”. Furthermore if you want to know how to build website go to youtube, there’s plenty of guides there. People have no sense of urgency. Get to work.

2. I shall not be a p*ssy
People spend an enormous amount of money and time to attend seminar after seminar and product
after product and get all this education but are terrified to spend 100$ to test Google add words campaign to try to launch a product off the ground and test the market.

They are afraid of that failure. Accept the truth that you gonna fail 98% of the time but the 2% time you aren’t failing you are probably going to hit these massive oil wells that can reward you for the rest of your life. Secret to internet success is to get to work, don’t fuck around and don’t to be a pussy. When you get knocked down, get back up, its like talking to the guy that wants to be champion boxer. You are gonna get your ass beaten a lot.

The lesson in failure

Frank Kern has had many failures behind, never had a job more than 6 months and never a decent respectable one. He spent two years as a spammer as one of the most hated people on the planet. His most notorious failure was when he was sued by Federal Trade Commission for his very
first product “Instant Internet Empire” for being a pyramid scheme.

Reasons for failure

Biggest reason people fail is that they don’t get started or that they won’t get back up after being paralyzed by fear. Most people never learn how to sell, they get wrapped in the technology. Give Frank Kern a notepad and a pencil and he writes down a sales letter and hands it over in a street corner and he’ll have 10k$ by tomorrow, maybe more. If you can sell something you are set for ever. Inability to sell and spinelessness sum it up.

Frank Kern about teaching success

Start with the market, clients need to be:
1. Irrationally passionate
2. Great in number
3. Easily reached

Reverse-engineer the markets and business. Sort clickbank products by top sellers, then you know you have group of buyers. You know there’s a market and they are buying that thing. You just have to do better job at marketing than others. Frank Kern emphasizes that you never ever try to reinvent the wheel but find the hungry market and do better job at selling than others.

So how to get started?

How to start making money in internet marketing right away?

Check out this complete guide how to build profitable website from start to finish and perhaps after month or two you’ll be making a nice passive income:

(for me it took 3-4 months to start making decent monthly passive income, decent being +$500 passive income month and growing)

How to make money online guide (special offer only $1 for 1st month – no obligation to invest more than $1)

Note: You have to be willing to work hard – there’s no such thing as get rich quick instantly “magic-pill”, but you can make decent passive income in short time, nowadays it’s actually laughable easy.


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  1. Peter says:

    Thanks for this article!

    I have been following xdotcom now about 4 months, and already making over $700 passive income monthly.

    It was not magic pill, but anybody can do same with hard work.