Improve Life – Stop Kidding Yourself & Develop Your Rituals

Anthony Robbins giving out top information for life! Stop kidding yourself man, develop some life improving rituals in your everyday life.

Improve life!

This could be the greatest time that you’ve ever lived – if you can control what you focus on.

Take control of your state.


You need to get yourself some rituals.

Everyone has a set of rituals they live by.

Your rituals can be seen from your body.

Some people exercise 5 times a week and it shows in their body.

Others have sitted in the sofa and eated potato chips – it also shows in your body.


There are rituals that puts you in state and there are rituals that puts you out of state.

Seek and you shall find.

What ever you focus on you are going to find.

If you want to change your life you have to change your physiology and you have to change your focus!

Once you rechange your conditioning you can change in a heartbeat.

Change can be fast.

Improve Life Tony Robbins - Stop Kidding Yourself & Develop Your Rituals

Be grateful.

What for you could be grateful if you really wanted to be grateful?

If you really focused on being excited, on what you would focus?

Can you think anything that makes you excited?

Focus is controlled by questions.

If you ask a lousy question, you get lousy answer and lousy state.

“Why does this always happen to me?”

It doesn’t happen to you always, it’s your fault because you are asking lousy questions.

“How come I cannot ever lose weight?”

You can, but again you are asking lousy question and your mind focuses on that.

Lousy questions creates lousy answers!


You can change your state instantly, and if you get into habit of that – you get a different life.

Great speech by Tony Robbins. Start to improve life, starting from today!