Instant Coffee with Energizing Medicinal Mushrooms

By now you may have heard of CafeCeps instant coffee as its fastly gaining popularity around the world.


First time I heard about CafeCeps, I was a bit sceptic

I mean why people would praise some instant coffee this highly?

But I love good coffee so I had to see what is this talk about CafeCeps.

I mean if coffee critics praise this instant coffee as one of the bests, it is a good start.

So even though I was a sceptic at first, I still purchase this CafeCeps.

Before I was never drinking instant coffee, I didn’t think it could be even a choice for regular everyday use of coffee, that’s why I was a bit hesitant at start.


So finally my CafeCeps coffee came

I got 2 month supply, 2 packets – CafeCeps has 45 servings in one and I calculated one packet would last around 1 month in regular use.

And from later experience I found that one package lasts around 4-5 weeks in everyday use.

As this is instant coffee, it doesn’t need a coffeemaker so water on heat and waiting it to boil.

While the water is heating I open the CafeCeps packet and I’m gladly surprised to see that it has serving scoop inside!

Medicinal Mushroom Instant Coffee CafeCeps scoop

That’s a nice one, helps in the hassle of getting some spoon for the serving.

Then hot water on the cup.

Scoop of Madre Labs Cafeceps into the cup.

Medicinal Mushroom Instant Coffee CafeCeps into cup

That’s pretty much it. Coffee is ready, but I let it sit there and cool for a few minutes.

I start to taste it. And the taste is fairly pleasant. Even though the coffee is dark – the taste is soft and not too sharp.

I go on drinking and notice that this indeed is a great tasting coffee.

Not at all the “instant coffee” tasting coffee.

Medicinal Mushroom Instant Coffee CafeCeps instant coffee ready to drink in seconds

Actually tastes sort of quality coffee.

Very soft, soothing taste from which I noticed to come a long-lasting, steady energy.

Not an energy spike and hyperactive feeling like I get from some coffees.

But better yet a steady energetic flow feeling which seemed to last multiple hours.


What makes this instant coffee so great? What it is made of?

First of all, this is certified organic instant coffee, USDA organic coffee.

Also it has these funny sounding Reishi & Cordyceps medicinal mushrooms in micronized form mixed in.


What the hell is Reishi?

Reishi is one of the most well-known medicinal mushrooms in the world.

It is a tonic which has a reputation as a “Mushroom of longevity, or “Mushroom of immortality”.

Probably nobody has come immortal by eating Reishi, but its fun to know that it might actually be good thing for you.

I wont bore you longer, I will let the experts do the talking of this magic mushroom Reishi.


Cordyceps, what on earth is that?

I won’t even say anything about Cordyceps as this guy on the video absolutely owns it and tells quite surprising things about the Cordyceps.


Did you know these things existed?

I for sure didn’t…

I’m now extra glad to see that I get such a benefits from my daily coffee cup.

In an indistinguishable form, because I don’t really like mushrooms in their real form…

But in this coffee I really couldn’t tell that there is 2 different mushrooms micronized in the mix.

By now this moment, I’ve used this CafeCeps over 6 months and I really think there is no going back for me.

I like this coffee the most, even though its instant coffee!

Funny indeed that from instant coffee I have got the best coffee experiences.

It’s almost hard to believe even myself.

Medicinal Mushroom Instant Coffee CafeCeps I like this instant coffee the best


Great for travellers

I like to travel often, and I don’t always have coffeemaker around so this is so optimal for me.

On the hotels there is nearly always water boilers around and just grab the Madre Labs CafeCeps out of my backpack and I’ve got a great tasting instant coffee made.

Also the one thing I must point is that these mushrooms, they are named as a medicinal mushrooms for a reason.

They have a huge immunity boosting factors and antioxidant capabilities.

That’s so great for me because it gives me that extra immunity I need in new environments when I’m travelling.

And I have to say that I haven’t got sick since using CafeCeps, those mushrooms must be a real help and they might actually really benefit my long and short-term health.


And the price?

Well I let this funny picture do the talking. I’m sorry for the Starbucks!

Instant Coffee Madre Labs CafeCeps instant coffee with reishi and cordyceps medicinal mushrooms


Additional CafeCeps instant coffee benefits

I feel that either of these mushrooms indeed does give a great long-lasting steady energy boost like claimed on those videos.

Because when I now try normal regular coffee, it really doesn’t “work” so to speak, regular coffee gives me no more the needed pick me up effect.

And regular coffees also surprisingly gives me nausea and almost a slight feeling of sickness.

I didn’t even notice this before as I was a hardcore regular coffee drinker and the effects of it became unseen for me.

I never thought before that I was a guy who could get stomach ulcer from regular coffee, like many people complained that about regular coffee.

I really didn’t get those people…

Gladly, now I know better.


CafeCeps could be the best tasting instant coffee in the world, at least from my experience.

This instant coffee product is sold by iHerb and CafeCeps is made by their sister company Madre Labs.

Madre Labs, CafeCeps, Instant Organic Coffee Beverage, 3.52 oz (100 g), Stay Fresh Re-Sealable Pak!

Definitely works for me and I have coined a new term: “Once you go CafeCeps, you go never back.”

Enjoy! Health and well-being to all.