Is There Anything Healthy To Buy From Supermarkets?

Supermarkets do not sell quality stuff, you should really watch what you buy from supermarkets. Most of the stuff there is total crap. Here I note the best products which most supermarkets worldwide sells. I get basically only this kind of stuff from supermarkets and ignore everything else.

Vegetables broccoli
Broccoli is known from it’s cancer fighting abilities. And it’s also great tasting when you steam it and slice a butter on top of it. Broccoli doesn’t have to necessary be organic. See list of what to buy organic, and what are safer the conventional way.

Avocado supermarket healthFruits avocado, banana, red grapefruit

Extremely healthy and tasty fruits.

Berries blueberries and you might also want to check goji berries, but in supermarkets they are usually bad quality. Here is more information about goji berries.

Berries are life changing. Berries gets into your brain and actually makes you happy. Get them in your everyday diet. Sweet and tasty nutrition and antioxidant powerhouses.

Olive oil
Almost everybody knows about the health benefits of olive oil, it is one of the most highly studied oils being talked about today. Choose extra virgin olive oil from supermarkets, preferably organic if there is one available. Cheap “superfood” to enjoy few tablespoons every morning, day and evening. One of the best things you can find on regular supermarkets.

If you can find local, organic REAL honey and not some sugar fake honey blend.
Real honey is the best things there is for your longevity and fighting the normal everyday diseases. Replace most sweetening by honey. Sweeten everything with honey. Lastly replace white sugar completely by Stevia, the all natural and healthy sweetener. You can even grow Stevia by yourself.

Seeds and nuts almonds
Healthy snack. Includes a number of different vitamins and minerals. Have these always around. Mix with goji berries and other nuts like cashews to make a trail mix to replace your candy cravings.

White rice
See Dr. Mercola talk more about why white rice is better than brown rice.

Eggs preferably organic
Great protein and nutrition source. Eggs are studied to be extremely healthy, there’s no limit to how many eggs you can eat.

And for those concerned about the “egg study” made in August 2012 saying that eating eggs is as bad as smoking to your health… Well, the study was complete BULLSHIT. Read from here real information about the eggs. The reality is that eggs are one of the healthiest foods on the planet.

Spices organic whole chili beans
Make food taste more with some chili. Chili also has endless list of health and mood benefits.

Spices turmeric, curry mixes, cayenne, cinnamon – only get ceylon cinnamon. Other cinnamons has high levels of coumarin which is highly unhealthy and even dangerous if you get it too much. Ceylon cinnamon has only about 0.04% coumarin, while other cinnamon types have coumarin up to 5% of their weight.

Usually supermarkets do not sell ceylon cinnamon, only some poor quality cassia cinnamon… So if you can’t find ceylon, is my choice for high quality organic spices:

Organic ceylon cinnamon recommendation:
Frontier Natural Products, Organic Ceylon Cinnamon, Ground, 1.76 oz (50 g)

I put turmeric and cayenne into almost everything. Sprinkle them to every food to make them healthier. Also get garlic and ginger. Both fantastic for your health. Ginger can eliminate nausea in minutes. And did you know that cayenne pepper has been known to stop heart attacks within 30 seconds?

Quality salt
Most important thing is quality SALT. But unfortunately supermarkets do not sell quality salt. Celtic Sea Salt for example is a quality salt.

Quality sea salt is something that is unrefined, nothing has been added and nothing has been taken from it. Are normal supermarket sea salts like this? From my experience they’re not, most of them are raffinated out of their minerals. Just look at the color of salt, if its completely white it has no minerals left in it. Real salt has some color which is indication of minerals, like grey sea salt or red himalayan salt.

Quality salt has every mineral in it. About 90 different minerals, supermarket table salt has 3 minerals because table salts are poor cheap quality and they are actually BAD for your health. Quality salt is one the most important health promoting things you can have in your diet. You can’t overuse quality salt, because it is good for your system. Normal supermarket tablesalts are really bad for you. Avoid them.

See more information on article – Amazing Health Benefits of Sea Salt

See also Dr. Mercola’s article on salt – It’s Time to End the War on Salt

Green tea(preferably organic)
I drink green tea all day, litres of it. Green tea has many longevity and anti-aging promoting abilities. It may fight against cancer and have multiple other benefits.

Red wine
Tastes great and is one of the healthiest alcohol drinks in the world. There’s been many studies about the power and benefits of red wine lately. You can drink red wine with good conscience because it is so great for you.

Why it is so good? Red wine contains resveratrol in moderate amounts, which is lately studied to be extremely healthy for humans. Resveratrol may have for example anti-aging and disease fighting attributes. Resveratrol also is proven to help keep your muscles young and in shape, even though if you don’t even exercise. Highly recommend to drink quality red wine regularly.

Dark chocolate(the higher the cocoa % the better)
Dark chocolate or cocoa/cacao has literally millions of health benefits going on. Also it contains serotonin, making it antidepressant. Lift your everyday mood with dark chocolate!

Milk products
Real butter, do not buy any margarines because they are studied to be extremely unhealthy for humans.

Real quality cheeses, in some supermarkets there are good fresh cheeses which are great stuff. Most cheeses are vitamin K2 rich, which is great source to get this one of the most vital missing vitamin which many of us are lacking.

I do not buy milk from supermarkets. In my opinion grown up adults and especially childs do not need supermarket milk in any form in their diet. But if you can find raw milk buy it. Raw milk is actually very very good for health. Same cannot be said about supermarket homogenized, pasteurized milk. Avoid it at all costs. If you really want milk, buy at least organic.