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Combination of Certified Organic Cocoa, Beet Juice Powders and Hibiscus Extract. Everyone loves chocolate beverages and with this all natural chocolate drink you will take it to next the level.

CocoCardio is 100% Natural (Non-Alkalized) Dark Cocoa beverage which contains Freeze-Dried Beet Juice Powder and concentrated Full-Spectrum Water-Soluble Hibiscus Extract.

Most people are familiar with the huge health benefits of dark cocoa, so I’m not going to go deeper on the Cocoa. You just know that organic dark cocoa is one of the best health promoting foods on the planet. Read more about Cocoa.

Although some people may have prejudices about beetroot powder mixed in their cocoa drink, I’m going to tell you that you don’t really taste it at all. You only see it’s presence on the red-brownish color of the drink. I myself do not like beetroot at all in it’s normal form, but in this drink when it’s in the form of freeze-dried beet juice powder you cannot tell the difference! It’s good to be in my cocoa drink because it’s super healthy! Read more about Beetroot.

Also this healthy CocoCardio cocoa drink contains Hibiscus extract, which is known to have several healthy benefits. Read more about Hibiscus.

Now, imagine all these wonderful health and mood upping benefits you could get with your daily cocoa drink!

Cocoa (a.k.a. “Food of the Gods”) + Beet Juice Powders + Hibiscus Extract
100% Natural Certified Organic, Sealable Bag

I can’t praise this product enough, thank you whoever came up with the idea to combine all these together. The energy spike which one cup of CocoCardio makes is something unbelievable. And the energy lasts strong throughout the day. You have to test it yourself. Works as a great energy amplifier and also tastes great! And did I mention the massive health benefits along the way?

CocoCardio beverage is easy to make, literally in seconds! The package even comes out with the serving scoop inside, making it all easy. Resealable bag.

Some say it tastes a bit bitter, but for my taste it’s just fine. You just have to let it sit in your hot cup of liquid a few minutes and it totally changes to beautiful tasting beverage. From the package itself it doesn’t smell really attractive, but I do not judge by the smell.

Iherb site even notes:
“(Please note that this product is naturally quite bitter due to its naturally-occurring polyphenol content, but may be used unsweetened if desired). ”

So you may prepare to use some sweetener for your CocoCardio drink. I recommend natural Stevia or local, real quality honey. Although I don’t sweeten it myself, for my taste it tastes amazing just the way it is.

Goes well as a coffee substitute.

The taste is pleasantly rich and stimulating, with the dominating taste of delicious hot cocoa. I do not taste beetroot powder or hibiscus extract in it, but I do feel that there is something extremely positive going on in this drink because of the awesome feeling I get out of it.

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User reviews:

“I ordered Cococardio hoping to find an alternative morning drink and for those times when “something chocolate” is the only thing that will satisfy. I have not been disappointed! This is a really rich and satisfying “hot chocolate” that can be sweetened to taste and there is no dairy. What a great combo! The beet powder is not really noticeable, but it is great to know that it is in there since it is so good for you.”

“I got the sample in my previous iherb order, and now ordered more. I found it jammy. I’m adict to chocolate, but not allowed to take it due to high sugar level. This product just great to replace it! I have problems with cardio as well, and the product calmes down my heart beatings very fast….”

“My body absolutely loved this product! I could feel the cardiovascular effects and would highly recommend this to anyone!”

“This product rocks! Easily dissolves and it’s unsweetened so you can sweeten to your liking, with your sweetener of choice. Has beetroot powder which is great for heart health and exercise endurance. Excellent when mixed with hot almond milk and Now Foods French Vanilla liquid stevia extract. I have it every night before bed! Yum!”

“I can’t drink milk and I’m in LOVE with this new drink. Smells and tastes a lot like real hot chocolate! Try it!”

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