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Imagine your delicious cocoa drink containing “The mushroom of immortality”…

Combination of Certified Organic Cocoa, Full-Spectrum Micronized Cordyceps & Reishi.

100% Natural (Non-Alkalized) Dark Cocoa beverage enriched with a Full-Spectrum Blend of Micronized Cordyceps & Micronized Reishi Mushrooms.

Everyone loves chocolate beverages and with this all natural chocolate drink you will take it to next the level.

This chocolate drink works almost as a aphrodisiac in my experience.

Read more about benefits of Cocoa.

As a side note: cacao beans were used as a official currency in Mexico City up to the year 1887. Imagine that cocoa was more valued than silver or gold… It truly tells a lot about this miraculous thing called cocoa.

You won’t notice any taste of mushrooms but you will get the benefits of Reishi and Cordyceps medicinal mushrooms with your everyday cocoa beverage.

Reishi is probably the most well-known tonic mushroom in the world. It is known in China by the name Ling Zhi, and revered throughout East Asia as the “Mushroom of Longevity.”

Also known as “The mushroom of immortality”.

Reishi is the number one mushroom that everybody should take. Now you can get it with your delicious hot cocoa beverage. Read more about Reishi.

Cordyceps is a mushroom which has been used in Tibetan and Chinese cultures as a tonic to promote energy and longevity. It is a rare and highly valued fungus that grows in the high plains of Tibet — now available through modern cultivation techniques.

In my experience Cordyceps increases my energy levels.

Cordyceps has helped me to build muscles, improving my strenght and endurance. Cordyceps is very popular among athletics.

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Get all the benefits of these 2 astounding medicinal mushrooms in your instant organic cocoa beverage!

Certified Organic Cocoa + Full-Spectrum Micronized Cordyceps & Reishi
100% USDA Certified Organic, Sealable Bag

CocoCeps cocoa drink is made literally in seconds. The package even comes out with the serving scoop inside, makes it all easy! Resealable bag. Most high quality health enchancing cocoa product to use regularly or to keep with you on your travels. Amp your overall health, energy levels and clarity with CocoCeps.

Drink which is just a seconds away to prepare. Drink which contains propably the 3 most potent health & longevity promoting substances on this planet. Sounds almost too good to be true? This is CocoCeps.

One package of CocoCeps lasts personally from 2 weeks to one month. Likely 2 weeks, because you can’t stand not to drink this fantastic cocoa beverage!

Especially great for people who are looking for a substitute for coffee. Great also to mix with coffee.

Definately best cocoa product on the market!

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User reviews:

“I have experimented with a lot of cocoa products, and this is BY FAR the best product. I buy it every two weeks. It gives me energy and a sense of well being better than any happy pill can. I drink it with a little hot filtered water, or mix it in with my protein shakes. I don’t ever write reviews for products, but this one I am in love with and recommend it to everyone. It’s sooo good for you and should be taken every day for optimum health. What an amazing product, makes you feel great and is VERY good for your health. Everyone should have CocoCeps in their lives! (hey iHerb, just don’t run out)!!!”

“I love cocoa. I love reishi. This is the best of both worlds! After trying the free sample I was sent with a previous order I was hooked. It mixes well and tastes great, plus all the synergistic benefits of the mushrooms and cocoa together. Expensive, but recommended if you can afford it!”

“can’t beat mushrooms for immunity and the choco taste is great in smoothies”

“This cocoa drink is so-o-o delicious that I started using one packet for ‘special occassions’ but soon wanted one every day. I’m not sure what the lift is that I get from it, but until further info I’m enjoying my daily cup.”

“Good service from IHerb. Product arrived within 5 days. Excellent product, use it in smoothies & as a hot drink”

“In addition, unknown to most folks, cocoa, or cacao, is a powerful antioxidant and very healthy. This also contains Reishi. I love this combination.”

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