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Madre-C 100% Natural Whole-Food Vitamin C review

Delicious blend of worlds supreme vitamin C content berries

Benefits of Vitamin C

2-Time Nobel Prize Winner Dr. Linus Pauling talks about benefits of Vitamin C

You probably already know the benefits of Vitamin C so I not going deep for this subject. Researchers says that Vitamin C is needed for the growth, repair and development of all the body tissues. Many body functions needs Vitamin C, for example: immune system, wound healing, upkeep of bones, and teeths.

Vitamin C is one of many antioxidants that can protect against damage caused by free radicals, as well other toxic chemicals and environmental poisons.

Vitamin C from nature

madre labs Madre C vitaminCamu camu berries has an extraordinarily high vitamin C content (2-3% of fresh weight).

Madre-C has also Rose hips which is one of the richest plant sources available vitamin C content.

And the list goes on one the most High vitamin C content Acerola Berries. Which contain 1677.6 mg of vitamin C in 100 g of fruit.

Madre C also contains wild-Harvested amla also know as Indian gooseberry. Amla has high vitamin C content, and has been said to work synergistically to help stabilize Vitamin C.


Madre-C vs Ascorbic Acid synthetic chemicals

Madre-C is real natural food blend from high C vitamin content berries. Vitamin C in Madre-C is real deal from natural food(Berries: amu Camu, Rose Hips, Acerola Berries and Amla). You cannot compare Madre-C against “synthetic chemical source vitamins” you can get from super-market. Supplements from synthetic chemical are not an option. Synthetic vitamins are at best 50% effective as natural vitamins, and may suppress the body’s ability to absorb natural vitamins, at worst they may have harmful side effects. AVOID SYNTHETICS AT ALL COST! Read More About Vitamins

madre labs Madre C vitamin inside

Madre C vitamin contains

Wildcrafted Camu Camu Berries
Wildcrafted Rose Hips
Organic Acerola Berries
Wild-Harvested Amla

Whole food from nature
Source of natural vitamin C

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What others say about Madre C:

“Best vitamin C I’ve used. Madre Labs whole food vitamin C blows away manufactured ascorbic C. There’s no comparison. This whole food product featuring the four richest sources of vitamin C offers a whole range of benefits you never get with ascorbic acid. Madre C is the best value in whole food derived C.”

“I like the fact that it’s a powder from actual food. I always feel a bit wary taking those bleach white vitamin c supplements, and this seems different. Stock full of antioxidants!”

“Vitamin C w/o Synthetic Properties. searched for a real, natural Vitamin C. This is it. Ascorbic acid is ubiquitous. This is the real thing.

Natural Vitamin C delivered to your door
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