Madre Labs Midori Greens Review

My experience and review of Madre Labs Midori Greens green powder supplement. Madre Labs Midori Greens is a original unique green powder centered to core of three traditional Japanese ingredients: Ashitaba, Japanese Matcha Green Tea and Wildcrafted Wasabi. Other ingredients include many whole leaf grasses, herbs, vegetables, chlorella, marine phytoplankton and beet juice powder etc.

See the full list of ingredients here.

Midori Greens has a background taste of algae or seaweed. Also Japanese Matcha Green Tea taste is easily recognized and quite strong actually. Unfortunately I don’t like these tastes personally not so much so they are a bit bothering for me. But this is just my personal taste and you might enjoy the green powder if you just like these natural tastes.

Midori Greens isn’t bad tasting in any way but I’m used to very good tasting powders what iHerb offers, you can read about them from here. It just might be that as a westerner I’m not used to these kind of tastes but someone from Japan or Asia might absolutely love it.

-If you like Ashitaba, Japanese Matcha Green Tea and Wildcrafted Wasabi you are going to like it
-Very concentrated, unique and rare blend without any fillers (180 g lasts for long time)
-Ashitaba, while relatively unheard of in the west, may have extensive health benefits
-Japanese Matcha Green Tea is nice source of the antioxidant EGCG and when the whole leaf is ingested it may also help to reduce your cholesterol levels and improve metabolism
-Wildcrafted Wasabi may also have wonderful health benefits

-Not the cheapest green powder
-Its not bad but personally taste is not my type

Would I order Midori Greens again? Well yes but not as a main green powder supplement. It’s an excellent supplement to order couple of times per year and a perfectly fine addition to any smoothie or protein shake. My experience is that taken every day Midori Greens will surely improve your health and well-being. Read this if wondering where three Japanese ingredients are from and are they OK considering the late nuclear disaster (yes they are OK).

You can order Madre Labs Midori Greens from iHerb. If you are first time customer you get $10 discount on your iHerb order.