Medicinal Mushrooms

In my own experience medicinal mushrooms are excellent way to increase your energy levels and even sexual function.

I have much more energy and my mind is more clear when taking mushroom supplement twice a day. Mushrooms go to work on rejuvenating your immune system. They contain concentrating elements that grow on trees.

Leading health/superfood expert David Wolfe on medicinal mushrooms:


David Wolfe says that following five are the top medicinal mushrooms:

1. Reishi mushroom

2. Maitake

3. Shiitake

4. Coriolus (cloud mushroom)

5. Agaricus

Mushrooms are very good sources of protein and improving our neurological health*.

If you want one product to test I recommend MushRex Plus Madre Labs, MushRex Plus Mushroom Complex with Immune Assist which contains blend of six different medicinal mushrooms (Shiitake, Maitake, Reishi, Himematsutake, Turkey Tail, Chaga) providing cognitive support and promote normal brain functions for exquisite mental clarity. This includes also added Camu Camu Berry for better synergy and absorption effect.


Why they work?

Medicinal mushrooms contain β-Glucans (beta-glucans) which are polysaccharides of D-glucose monomers linked by β-glycosidic bonds. Medicinal mushroom derived β-glucans are notable for their ability to modulate the immune system. Immune cells recognize them as “non-self” so they lead to the stimulation of immune system and increased immunity.

Medicinal mushrooms have been used for nearly 2000 years to boost vitality, endurance and even sexual function. Cordyceps is the world’s most researched mushroom for increasing endurance.

Reishi is also one of the most revered tonic mushrooms that promote vitality, longevity and wellness.


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