New Chapter Wholemega Omega-Rich Fish Oil

Fish oil that features 100% wild Alaskan salmon oil. Many Hollywood celebrities count Fish Oil as one of their beauty secrets.

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New Chapter Wholemega Omega-Rich Fish Oil is one of the highest quality Fish Oils in the market. It comes from 100% Wild Alaskan Salmon, it’s the real thing. Most fish oils you see in markets or normal healthstores are mostly poor quality stuff which just doesn’t cut it, and they may have dangers such as toxic pollutants, mercury etc. You really need to go for quality product on the fish oil. It needs to be from WILD fishes. Studies shows that compared to fish oil from farmed fish, wild caught fishes contains a higher ratio of omega-3 to omega-6 fatty acids.

Only support high quality brands which have proof, and New Chapter Wholemega Omega-Rich Fish Oil is surely like that.

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User reviews:

“It’s simply the best fish oil you can get. And it doesn’t taste bad at all.”

“One of my relatives uses this product and his blood pressure normalized since taking it regularly.”

“These are the best fish oil pills I’ve ever tried! They really work! Highly recommended!”

“has all the omega oils necessary for the body. Diffcult to find all these omegas in foods. all are in one capsule.”

“before I got to know about iherb, I’ve bought my New chapter at the one health food store that have New Chapter in Norway. Iherb have great prices and service! Back to the wholeomega: I have a couple of auto immune diseases, that involves stomac and joints, and I’ve tried a lot of different Omegas. This one is the one I can truly say that I notice a difference in. My skin is softer and without excema and I have less pain problems. I highly recommend this product,New Chapter (lowe their holistic believes due to environment and people)and iherb.”

“Taking 2x/day for about 2 weeks now. No problems with stomach upset or fishy taste at all. Have noticed a subtle improvement in mood and softness of skin, taken along with BioSil. Seems to be better than the lower cost fish oil I was taking. I have ordered more already. Hope to see increased benfits over time. Will continue to take.”

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