Not Enough Salt in Diet? Simple Test to Determine Are You Getting Enough Salt

Worried about not enough salt in diet? Or too much of salt in your diet? Use this simple test to determine are you getting enough salt in your diet.

It’s common thing to say that you should avoid salt. And that’s true for the processed white table salt that people normally use. Why use unrefined salt over unnatural table salt? Quality unrefined salt gives you up to 90 minerals and micro nutrients which normal table salt doesn’t surely have.

Adding quality unrefined and original salt to your diet is one of the best health improvement changes you could do. You can affect to your wellbeing much just by upgrading your salt to high-class version of it. Many of us are so deficient in natural minerals that they don’t even get natural thirst anymore.

So it might be good for some to even tank up some of it (though wouldn’t start with more than 1 half of a tea-spoon). Use your common sense and listen to your body, personally I wouldn’t eat salt more than two half of a teaspoons over two days.

Here is a test you can use to determine if you are getting enough salt and your levels of salt.


Simple test to determine are you getting enough salt

Mix half a teaspoon of natural unprocessed quality salt with 2 deciliters of water. Drink the water slowly and taste it.

When taste is

1. Salty, then you have deficiency of the substance. You have under 40% of the optimal levels and substance isn’t working in the body.
2. Neutral, then we are approaching the working limit. In that case you have 40-60% of the optimal levels in the body and substance works poorly and weakly in the body.
3. Sweet, then working of the substance in the body becomes possible. Then body has 60-99% of the optimal level and functioning of the substance becomes possible in the body.
4. Is bad again, you have reached the desired 100% level. Then teamwork of the body and substance works optimally.

If you haven’t already upgraded your salt to a better quality natural salt(which is actually healthy)… Wouldn’t now be the time?

Real natural unrefined salt is one of the most important things to have in life, you literally cannot have too much of it.

If you are still using normal low quality shop buy-able refined and processed salts with additives I suggest you to try non-processed and natural sea salt that contains dozens and dozens of important minerals for your health.

The natural salt I’m using personally contains no less than 84 minerals and micro nutrients.


Natural salt options

Kalahari salt – Best salt you could use, it is harvested from under earth water and its at least 280 millions of years old so it surely doesn’t contain any contaminants. Unfortunately haven’t found any place to buy it from the Internet.

Unrefined Sea salt (info about Celtic Sea Salt)
Celtic Sea Salt, Fine Ground, Vital Mineral Blend
Celtic Sea Salt, Light Grey Celtic, Vital Mineral Blend, Coarse Version

Himalayan Rock Salt
Source Naturals, Crystal Balance, Himalayan Rock Salt, Fine Grind

“Black Salt” Kala Namak Salt
Frontier Natural Products, Kala Namak Black Salt, Fine Grind

You can see black salt benefits from Wikipedia. Not my personal favorite but still I recommend to try Kala Namak black salt to add diversity of flavor in your cooking. Though be aware that smell and taste of Kala Namak salt might remind you of eggs due to Hydrogen sulphide if you aren’t used to it.

This concludes my post about not enough salt in diet. Hope you did find this test useful, I use it every time I take a glass of water after sauna. I’m now able to have sauna every day and salt still keeps tasting good.