Amazing Health Benefits of Sea Salt

The “old currency” is now getting popular again. Amazing health benefits of sea salt.

Health Benefits Of Sea Salt

Sea salt is becoming popular because of its health benefits. We are talking here real sea salt, not some refined table salt. Real salt could be one of the key factors for permanent health.

“Salt is essential for life – you cannot live without it.” – Dr. Mercola

Did you know that old times salary was paid with sea salt? The word “salary” comes derived from the latin word (salarium) “salt”.

The thing with sea salt is its “minerals” good sea salts has around 90 different minerals. Some of the minerals are essential for life.

With todays processed foods you cannot get all minerals from food. When you eat real sea salt, you get those missing minerals and miracles happen.

Benefits of Sea salt

Table Salt Vs Sea Salt

Common belief is that salt is unhealthy and harmful for health. And it’s true for heated and refined “normal” table salt.

Table salt is chemically cleaned salt and only thing left to it is sodium chloride, basically it’s salt from which all beneficial minerals are removed. Usually it has heated with high temperatures and has added iodine and other chemicals like anti-caking agent, moisture absorbents. Creating a combination which is dramatically unhealthy for human body.

Why they do this? Conspiracy to make you sick…?

Not really.. Actually around 90% of all salt is still used for industrial and manufacturing purposes which will require pure sodium chloride. And for scraps they add iodine and sell it to you with huge profits.

Natural sea salt has not been cleaned in any way, has all orignal minerals left and nothing is added. And it’s dried with sunlight.

Compare refined salts and real unprosecced natural salts

Left side you can see table salt and refined sea salt. They are complete white, all minerals cleaned out of them.

On right side you can see Himalayan salt and unrefined sea salt. Difference is huge.

table salt vs sea salt

Is Sea Salt Better For You?

Yes, eating right salt is actually one the most important pieces of health. Real sea salt has about 90 beneficial minerals for humans. Which you could have deficiency if you haven’t been regularly eating natural unrefined salt. Real sea salt is for example rich in potassium and magnesium.

Does Sea Salt Contain Iodine?

There is no iodine added to high quality sea salt. There might be small amounts iodine from nature, but less than 1 mcg/g which is too little. You should get your iodine from other source than sea salt, if you have deficiency of it.

I eat a tiny bit of Atlantic kelp seaweed to ensure my daily iodine intake. You have to only take it a tiny piece as it has per serving iodine daily value 2110%. One of the best iodine sources in nature. Another great option is kelp granules which you can easily add to your cookings.

Where To Buy Sea Salt

You can get high quality unprocessed sea salt from I recommend finely ground Celtic Sea Salt, which I have found to best highest quality and best tasting sea salt market has to offer at the moment.

Celtic Sea Salt brand is highly recommended by doctors and chefs. The only ingredient is pure Celtic sea salt, no preservatives or anything. Here is also more coarse version of Celtic Sea Salt.

Other Good Salts

I usually switch between high quality sea salt and himalayn rock salt. Both are just fine.
Source Naturals, Crystal Balance, Himalayan Rock Salt

Another great recommendation is sea salt with organic Kelp and Dulse seaweeds which offers the needed iodine with unprocessed sea salt, amazing product which I recommend you to try.
Maine Coast, Sea Seasonings, Sea Salt with Kelp + Dulse

Not my personal favorite but still you might also want to try “black salt” Kala Namak.
Frontier Natural Products, Kala Namak Salt, Fine Grind

You could also mix them all together and create your own gourmet salt. Imagine making omelet with herbs and your own gourmet salt. With right ingredients everyone can become passionate with cooking.

real sea salt

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