Uncommon Valentine’s Day Gift: Natural Libido Boosters – Get These for Your Partner and See the Pants Flying Off

Get these for your girlfriend, wife or lover and go see her after 1 week and you will almost get.. Well lets not say that negative word and lets rather say that you will surely get lucky and she will get lucky.

Getting natural libido boosters is a great way to spice up the relationship and experience new kind of feelings. Many people say that these have the ability to restore the very same raw and strong sexual attraction level which people have when they are in the “crush-phase”. If that phase has faded for you, try these and it might just lead to experiences that creates new life to your relationships.

See these all natural libido formulas which will get your juices flowing, naturally. One Gaia Herbs product woman reviewer says “my body stays in a constant state of orgasm during sex”.

Best Female Libido Formulas

Gaia Herbs, Women’s Libido, Liquid-Filled Capsules iHerb
Maca Magic, Woman, Libido Formula Extract iHerb | Amazon
Herb Pharm, Female Libido Tonic Compound Extract iHerb | Amazon

Damiana herb is in many woman libido booster formulas as it is said to possibly raise mood, increase sex drive. Also, an old tale says you might become more attractive to the opposite sex when using Damiana herb.

And for the ladies wishing to boost their male partners libido consider these as a great gift for your lover. He will thank you later, and you will be thankful. Personally Maca Velvet especially is proven to work!

You might aswell try Maca Velvet as a woman. It has adaptogens like Maca and Deer Antler Velvet which brings the ying yang hormonal balance in this estrogen filled world. Deer Antler Velvet is said to be “The Fountain of Youth” – used by the NFL pros and Hollywood stars to stay young.

Best Male Libido Formulas

Amazon Therapeutics, Maca Magic, Maca Velvet Extract iHerb | not available on Amazon
Gaia Herbs, Male Libido with Maca Root and Yohimbe, Liquid-Filled Capsules iHerb | Amazon
Now Foods, TestoJack 100 iHerb | Amazon

Nothing beats the Maca Velvet as it has full spectrum raw maca, Deer Antler Velvet and Tongkat Ali the “Asian Viagra” root. Gaia Herbs libido booster products are also top-notch stuff.

Maca root superfood is one of the best natural libido booster for both men and women, highly recommend everyone to try maca if you yet haven’t. For more information see maca benefits.

Will Natural Libido Booster Supplements Really Help You?

Well, notice that supplements alone aren’t some magic pill that will change everything even if you continue to live an unhealthy lifestyle.

You will see the biggest changes to libido by eating more clean and especially by avoiding sodas, sugar, high fructose corn syrup, artificial sweeteners, msg, soy, margarine, processed foods, wheat etc. Exercise also helps dramatically with having a healthy libido. In my opinion when dealing with any condition these are more important to handle than getting any supplement. But after that supplements can add the extra rawness & strength to it and bring hormonal balance, which is crucial to great libido. Healthy libido is also an indicator of healthy body.

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Alternative to supplements is that you can make her or him a raw chocolate and lets just call that as “love chocolate” as it surely will get your partner all warmed up and ready to do anything you wish. You can see my easy special raw chocolate recipe which will get your partners love juices flowing from the end of this article.

Alternative More Romantic Valentine’s Day Gifts

And finally my alternative and easy Valentine’s day gift recommendation is Chocolove chocolate bars which each comes with a love poem written inside the paper in which the chocolate is wrapped. You can see Chocolove category from iHerb. My current favorite is Chocolove Almonds and Sea Salt in Dark Chocolate (link to Amazon).

Of course some ladies would prefer diamond ring… But this time a little cheaper heart-shaped necklace with the Chocolove chocolate should be fine.

chocolove chocolate valentines day gift ideas

Chocolove chocolate has unique love poem written inside which makes it a great Valentine’s day gift

And go here for more natural libido booster options for both man and woman.

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