What I Ate Today

What I ate today? Here I go on to tell what I ate today and how my eating looks almost everyday.

On the morning I like to drink coffee, so I just take CafeCeps instant coffee to hot water. Gives a great steady energy and immune boost from the medicinal mushrooms Reishi & Cordyceps.

At some point after that I take tablespoon of organic olive oil and drink a little water.


Morning smoothie


4dl water
Pinch of quality salt to get minerals
Half scoop of Midori Greens
Half scoop of Eureka Berries
Honey teaspoon
Few teaspoons Coconut oil

From Midori Greens I get the essential greens such as chlorella, wheat grass, beet, marine phytoplankton and many others.

From Eureka Berries I get whopping 19 different super berries and superfruits to my smoothie, to mention few: mangosteen, blueberry, bilberry, pomegranate, lingonberry, acai and many others.

I Like to keep things easy and to get all from just few great products. Quick and tasty morning smoothie full of nutrients and antioxidants to make a great start in the morning. Feeling great.




At some point after morning eating I take some supplements such as: Vitamin D for general health and wellbeing.

Astaxanthin for eye health and for a inner “sunlotion” because it helps prevent burning in the sun. I don’t use sunblocks, Astaxanthin prevents all burning for me.

Also I take this toxic free quality Fish Oil supplement for general health and because I do not eat fish often enough in my diet.




3 eggs
Handful of broccoli

Cook them quickly and then top it with good chili sauce and I add some slices of real butter on top of hot broccoli pieces.

Tasty easy and quick meal full of proteins and good nutrients from broccoli. Feeling energetic from the meal, not too much of food to feel like energy drained of it.


Middle day refresher


In the middle of the day I take my second coffee cup of CafeCeps. I don’t need anything else, this gives me a great boost for the rest of the day.

Madre Labs CafeCeps best instant coffee on the planet

Also between all of the meals I drink green tea everyday approx 1 litre.




Some chocolate smoothie:

4dl water
Scoop of CocoCeps
2 teaspoons honey
Chia seed gel into the mix
Few teaspoons Coconut oil
Half scoop of natural Madre-C Vitamin C

CocoCeps makes the chocolate in the smoothie as it includes 100% raw cocoa and in the mix micronized medicinal mushrooms Reishi & Cordyceps to give the additional energy and immunity.

Vitamin C for the recovery and wellbeing.

Again quick tasty “meal” full of nutrients and some protein from chia seeds also some extra energy from the coconut oil.


Evening snack


Mixed on a bowl

Red grapefruit
Tablespoon Maca powder
Chia seed gel
Some honey
Magnesium capsule opened to mix the magnesium powder in
Few teaspoons of coconut oil

Mix them all in a bowl of plate and I get the tasty and yet again nutrient evening snack. This mix gets me to sleep well because of the calming honey, chia seeds which contains Tryptophan to help sleep better. Also magnesium helps to get better good nights sleep.


This is what I ate today.

Note, this is just a one day example. The other day this might look totally different.