What Supplements Should I Take and What Supplements Dr. Mercola Uses?

What supplements should I take? Watch this video where world’s leading health authority Dr. Mercola names the supplements he uses and what is the #1 supplement he believes you should be taking. Chances are you haven’t heard of it.

Find out what is the #1 supplement you should be taking and learn the potential health benefits of it here, interview of Dr. Mercola by Dr. Oz: http://www.doctoroz.com/videos/surprising-supplement-you-need

What supplements should I take Dr Mercola products


Here are the supplements listed and the dosage Dr. Mercola uses

1. Astaxanthin 8mg day, read more info about Astaxanthin here: Astaxanthin the Most Powerful Natural Supplement Known to Man? and Astaxanthin Is Poised To Become “The Next Vitamin D”.
2. Coenzyme Q10 300 mg day
3. Krill oil 1000 mg day
4. Probiotics, read more about probiotics here: Benefits of Probiotics – Hidden Secret to Your Health.
5. Iodine


Where to buy these supplement products?

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where to buy supplements what supplements should i take


Dr Mercola products

Since these are Dr. Mercola’s recommendations, I suggest you to take a look into his product category on iHerb http://www.iherb.com/Dr-Mercola

I recommend one Mercola product on the list above, but for others I’ve found better options to recommend from my experience since I basically only recommend products which I’ve tried and if I’ve seen them to be useful – so you can get straight out the best good products without testing different ones yourself.

But I still recommend basically anything from Dr. Mercola products, since he is the real deal when it comes to product quality, promoting only the real, safe & effective supplements. You can’t go wrong if you get nutritional supplements from Dr. Mercola brand.

Also be sure to check http://www.mercola.com/ -The World’s #1 Natural Health Website

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