Why iHerb?

Why to order from iHerb.com … ?

Named #1 online supplement store by ConsumerLab.com. 6 years in a row!
2008 – 2009 – 2010 – 2011 – 2012 – 2013

-Undeniable best online e-commerce for every supplement, cosmetics, groceries or anything you wish for!

-iHerb is again chosed as a best online store 2013 for virtually everyone – even beating Amazon. Highly recommended.

iHerb ships to over 180 different countries. iHerb have been succesfully on the online natural supplement business for over 16 years. And lately it has become one of the most popular online natural supplement store on the whole world.

You can benefit by ordering from iHerb.com whether you live for example in United Arab Emirates, Thailand, Argentina, Hong Kong, Mexico, Malaysia, Israel, Norway, China, Russia, Singapore, Netherlands, New Zealand, Spain, Japan, UK, Romania, Austria, Hungary, Germany, South Korea, Latvia, Belgium, Switzerland, Australia, Estonia, Brazil, Philippines or at US and Canada. iHerb ships virtually everywhere you can imagine.

Key points of iHerb is customer care, wide variety of high quality products from food, vitamins, supplements and superfoods to shampoos, soaps and beauty products – you name it and they probably got it!

Also the cheapness…

iHerb is dedicated to providing the best overall value possible, making iHerb the cheapest source worldwide for supplements, sports supplements, quality protein, vitamins, superfoods, cosmetics and makeup products, bath & beauty, soaps, shampoos, laundry detergent, bath salts and many known trustable brands such as Beauty Without Cruelty brand for every women out there – name a brand and iHerb probably carries it in their selection.

Known brand Navitas Naturals offers superfoods cheaply. You can find anything, maca powder, acai powder, cacao powder, goji berries etc. Or Trail Mix, hemp protein-cacao powder-maca powder mix, goji berry-pomegranate-acai berry superfruit smoothie mix. Navitas Naturals also sells cheap cacao mass/chocolate paste and cacao butter for making raw chocolate.

Green powders to Berries. From Spirulina to Chlorella, to Stevia, to high quality Probiotics which works, to so many different tea categories to nuts-seeds-grains to also food groceries category.

My latest favorite has been these great quality Brazil nuts(Castanha do Para) from iHerb, usually high quality Brazil nuts are quite expensive but from iHerb you get them very cheap no matter where you live. With just few Brazil nuts per day you will get the needed selenium, which is very important nutrient.

Another my favorite is Organic Coffee category from where you will find the best organic coffee products online. My personal favorite is CafeCeps coffee with Reishi + Cordyceps medicinal mushrooms. You might also want to check out Organic Coffee Co. company’s organic coffee and organic coffee beans, they have different coffee varieties and coffee mixtures available.

Looking for Zero noodles? Zero calorie noodles? iHerb has Shirataki Miracle Noodle category from where you can find zero calorie noodles and also zero calorie rice.

Dr. Mercola recommended supplements like Krill Oil are also on offer at iHerb.

And many of us need protein supplement. And for high quality protein which suits everybody my best recommendation is Sun Warrior brand. My favorite is this natural original version, it has the best value for money and biggest amount of BCAA’s, highly recommended for really high quality protein. Quality matters the most when it comes to protein – most proteins are nothing more than waste of money, heated junk without amino acids which won’t absorb. Did you know that Sun Warrior protein is Victoria’s Secret supermodel Miranda Kerr’s favorite protein?

If you’re looking to get big package of high quality spirulina.. iHerb has it also, just look at the nutrition content of this, world’s best multivitamin? And you could also use this spirulina as a protein powder Nutrex, Pure Hawaiian Spirulina Pacifica, Nature’s Multi-Vitamin Powder, 5 lbs (2.27 kg)

iHerb has even high quality Honey category. Or what about tasty Chocolove chocolate? Many Healthy Snacks categories for organic all natural candies, a healthier choice for all who like candies and especially for children! iHerb has virtually anything you could wish for.

Do you want to order kombucha tea online? From iHerb you can get kombucha in dark glass bottles. iHerb also offers Echinacea Liquids very cheaply, if you use these regularly like I do I recommend to order them from iHerb because you get them cheaper from there.

Also let’s not forget Women’s Health, Men’s Health, Sex & Libido product categories and also Impotence, Erectile Dysfunction Support. Of course iHerb also has Personal Lubricants and Condoms also.

Here are also many alternatives to all who are interested of more healthier natural lifestyle without too much of chemicals: natural hair coloring products, as natural as possible nail polish products, natural cosmetics & makeup products.

How about Pet Care category where you will find natural products to make your cat’s or dog’s fur more shiny. iHerb also offers great natural products for pets like birds and to horses also, like I said – iHerb is a source for almost anything you can imagine.

And did I mention the fast shipping to almost everywhere in the world? Also iHerb gives out Freebies which you can choose(you can choose only 1 freebie per order) and they are very friendly by placing often some extra freebie in orders and the Rewards program is really worth it to check it out.

Just a short mention about iHerb Rewards program: Save an extra $200 to $600 or more per year – with iHerb Rewards! Recent data analysis, conducted in October 2011, found that iHerb customers referring 3 or more people over a year ago earned an average of $240.00. And the figure for customers referring 10 or more people was $640.00.

That is worth considering, to get your supplements even cheaper or possibly for free. You can use iHerb credits(which you earn by referring new customers with your iHerb coupon code) in your iHerb orders, or you can choose to cashout it as a check and get the money in your bank account.

And also there’s a monthly changing monthly iHerb rewards competition, these really add up. So iHerb is not just a supplement store, with iHerb you can potentially get free superfoods/supplements/cosmetics for lifetime or even extra income just by word-of-mouth passing forward the real deal – the best value supplement store in the world.

My own experiences with iHerb has been fantastic. I’ve ordered from www.iherb.com now over 50 times and always it’s been great, smooth and fast service and there has never been any problem with my orders so far. If there ever occurs problems on iHerb orders, like package gets lost – which may happen like 1/1000 by some Airmail mistake… iHerb claims to refund all these cases if you contact them on their support.

Although ordering with International Airmail while being the cheapest option it offers no tracking and if package is lost(rarely) it cannot be refunded.

Orders have usually come within about one week period almost every single time. It will be even less depending where you live, I’m based on Europe at the moment and shipping takes a little longer time here. If you live in USA, I would expect the order to come anywhere between 1-7 days. In Europe 7-10 days, sometimes rarely it might take about 2 weeks.

One of the reasons what makes iHerb super-low-cost is it’s only $4-$6 shipping charges on International Airmail. If you’re based in US, shipping charges are FREE for over $20.00 orders.

iHerb truely is a market leader on this business, with top quality and lowest prices available. Just compare the iHerb prices to your local health and pharmacy stores or other online natural supplement stores and you will only shop at iHerb.com after that, making you save A LOT money in long term. I wouldn’t search any other place to order natural supplements.

You can also consider the earning potential from iHerb referrals. The least you get is discounts or even free orders by telling others about iHerb’s value on natural supplements and how easy it is to get your natural supplements and superfoods from iHerb, delivered to your door no matter where you live, with few clicks.

Extra Discounts For First Time Customers:

ONGOING OFFER 2014 – Short-time iHerb super special: $10 off from price for first time iHerb customers

If your order totals $40 or more, take $10 off! For first-time customers and their “first order” only.

If you order below $40, you will still get $5 off your first iHerb order but I suggest to take advantange of the full $10 off iHerb special discount.

-This is a short time special offer and might end any moment so take advantange of it!

-You may use my iHerb coupon code ERO959, I appreciate it and am thankful if you order with my code. I benefit from it by getting “iHerb credits” which I can use in my next orders.

iHerb Special Offers:

Free 1-3 Day Shipping on US orders over $40!

International shoppers: iHerb offers International Airmail shipping for only $4 for over $40 orders, if you order below $40 it is $6. International Airmail has been renamed to Global Mail by DHL.

-Page and current on-going iHerb discounts & specials updated: 01.04.2014

-I recommend to check daily iHerb Super Specials for special iHerb deals. Products change daily and often times they are many hundreds % cheaper than normally.


-If you use my iHerb coupon code ERO959 – I benefit by it in my next order by getting even more discount with iHerb credits so I appreciate if you order with my iHerb coupon code.

-My iHerb coupon code validity period: Anytime, always! Valid iHerb coupon code 2014.


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I’m a satisfied customer and here is few pictures of my iHerb.com orders:

My latest iHerb.com order

iherb.com order is easy to make and ships fast


What is iHerb? Check this cool short video of iHerb company and how iHerb is the REAL deal. This video enforces the thought that iHerb indeed is the best place ever to get your natural supplements and superfoods!

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